Carolyn P. Meinel Hall of Shame


Lets take a look at all of the jobs and titles she has taken on. In each
case, I quote where she used the name, or in some cases her comments
that lead me to believe she was claiming it. Much of this is from her
resume which has mysteriously disappeared off her web site...

Industrial Engineer     1998                    MSNBC
	"The group's animosity toward Meinel "has been going on for about 
	two years," said Meinel, an industrial engineer and writer whose

Research Engineer	1998			Quoted in ZDNet article.
	"I'm not just inventing this stuff -- this stuff is all common 
         knowledge," Meinel said. "I am a research engineer. The majority 
         of books are not filled with 100 percent original stuff."

Consultant		1988 - present
	"M/B Research is a small.. consulting firm specializing in market 
	 research and business plan development for leading-edge technology 
	 opportunities. Our customers include large and small companies, 
	 governmental organizations, and academic institutions."

	"We work in the arenas of: space technology, computer security, 
	 freight transportation systems, Intelligent Transportation 
	 Systems (ITS), innovative mobile communications systems"

Psychiatrist?		1998			Email
 	"The problem, as Solzhenitzen (sp?) put is that the battle line 
	 between good and evil runs down the center of each of our hearts. 
	 I have to fight my desires to raise heck just as I also feel urges 
	 to do good. Since you are also human, you must also feel that 
	 warfare in your heart, too."

Federal Prosecutor?	1997			repeated quotes
	"I give 'get out of jail free cards.' Looks like you don't need 
	 one. Guess how I feel about Bronc? He also gets to become a folk 
	 hero in the not-too-distant future." 
	"Think about working out a get out of jail free card. I can arrange 
         one. We could start with your lawyer making the overtures with my 
         assistance in contacting the guys working on nailing you -- I know 
         who they are -- while keeping your name hidden until the deal is 
         ready to be made."
	"This way you don't have to trust me. It is between your lawyer and 
	 the guys getting ready to bust you. Your lawyer can get me to sign 
	 something as part of the deal. They will trade you for a bigger fish."
	"protestation of innocence on the HH list. If you do get busted, you 
	 might be surprised at the role I play. Watch to see what happens with 
	 Deprave, too, and how I might help."
	(then this one..)
	"Sure, like you say, I don't have the power to get you immunity from 
	 anything you might ever have done -- by myself."

Cryptographer		??			IRC Chat 97-04-03
	"No, I haven't discovered a weakness. Maybe if I had accepted
	 that NSA job I owuld have had the time to do so, jhowever:)" [sic]
	 (This chat was focused on the strengths of various cryptographic
 	  algorithms. She ended with vague statements and this.)

Lawyer			1997			private mail quote
	"If you happen to be a cybernazi who is having second thoughts, and 
 	 would like help making a deal with the authorities, please contact me 
	 anonymously using my pgp key:"

Journalist		1997			private mail quotes
	"But I make my living writing. I have to protect my copyright. Of 
 	 course I am glad for you to repost anything that I either post to 
	 email lists, news.."

	"...I do have the FBI working this issue for me. Sorry, my writing is
	 my livelihood, and I intend to only release stuff for unlimited 
	 recopying rights at *my* discretion."

E-Zine Publisher	1997 - 1998		Happy Hacker Guides
	(I will dedicate a whole section to these...)

Tech Market Research Consultant	1995 - 1997	Past Associates

Technical Recruiter	1995 - 1996		Past Associates

Adjunct Professor	1994/1995? (old) - faculty search "meinel" = 501:No matches to your query
	When given her SS# and a day for UNM to look, they found one
	reference to her being hired there. They also said her contract
	was not renewed. She says she taught "entrepreneural skills"
	to a class of MBA candidates.

Senior Scientist	Aug 1983 - Mar 1987	resume
	"...Meinel was a Senior Scientist with Analytic Decisions, Inc., a 
         consulting firm in Arlington, VA. Coded orbital mechanics programs.."

Freelance Writer	1980 - 1983		resume
	"...Meinel was an independent consultant and freelance writer. Special 
 	 correspondent, "World Aerospace Weekly;" columnist...."

President/Lobbyist      1975 			resume
	"...She edited its monthly magazine, and served as president. Meinel 
	 coordinated the lobbying effort that defeated the 1979 UN Agreement 
	 Governing Activities of..."

Programmer		1971			gtmhh 5.1
	"Back in 1971, when I was 24... I went on to write programs with enough 
 	 length and complexity that debugging and verifying them gave me a feel 
	 for the reality of the Turing Machine Halting Problem theorem."

General Manager         1972			resume
	"In 1972 Meinel cofounded and became general manager of Analog Precision,
	 Inc., a manufacturer of analog and digital control devices used in
	 industrial operations."

*NEW* Lord Byron digs deeper into her past...

Education: MS, Industrial Engineering, The University of Arizona.
	   "Carolyn Meinel did her masters' research (MSIE, University of 
	    Arizona, 1983)"

Other: "I used to be secretary of a local chapter of the ACLU..."

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