Carolyn P. Meinel Hall of Shame

The Teacher

For the past two years, Ms Meinel has been releasing what she calls
the "Guides to Mostly Harmless Hacking". These files are aimed at
people wanting to learn about hacking. Her goal is to teach the masses 
how to 'legally' hack systems. Despite contradicting herself in several
cases, they attempt to teach the young neophyte some level of responsibility
and ethics. 

The problem we encounter here is the quality of teaching. In the real
world we make our teachers go through several years of schooling on
the topics they teach, more years of school dedicated to learn HOW to
teach, and even more years to be certified to actually teach. If someone
doesn't pass all those requirements, then they simply cannot have that
kind of direct influence in children's lives.

Looking at Ms Meinel's history, we see that she is not a teacher. We see that
she has not worked in the security field for long (and the recent stuff
can be questioned as well). The following files are her guides and 
my replies to each. I have deleted as much of the moral/ethical replies
and concentrated solely on the technical aspect of her guides. You
make the call...

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