Jul 30, 1999

It is time to end this part of Attrition.

There is no mistake that Carolyn P. Meinel is a truly sick woman. She is in dire need of professional mental help and she needs it soon.

The last three years of her life has been spent harassing, taunting, threatening, backstabbing and even stalking anyone she doesn't like. Unfortunately, that includes just about everyone after a short time dealing with her.

Here we have a 52 year old lady that has admitted to extensive use of LSD. One who allegedly has a mental disorder called Herpesviral Encephalitis that affects her memory. In the last twenty years, she has gone through no less than 17 distinct career changes, constantly re-inventing herself as needed.

Ms. Meinel is a fraud and charlatan in the computer security industry.

Her four year history of libel and slander has been waged against not only members of this system, but dozens of industry professionals. Rather than make a living through legitimate work, she is only able to brainwash young children with tales of other people's deeds, error filled guides to 'hacking', error filled books and other persistent unprofessional behavior.

Regarding her actions toward me (jericho), she has progressively degraded from random insults to textbook definition stalking. In the last three years, she has tried to get me fired from numerous jobs, busted for crimes I had no knowledge of, had my systems shut down, harassed admins of my ISPs, discredit me with anyone who will listen (especially media outlets), and more. In mid 1999, she went so far as to come to Phoenix, Arizona to harass my ISP, attempt to find me at my business address as well as possibly try to find me and/or follow me. She has tried to solicit help from people that work for previous employers to obtain confidential records regarding my employment, attempted to contact at least one boss while I was employed by him, tracked down at least one ex-roomate, and more. Yet, she continually says that I am obsessed with her.

In her four year libel and slander campaign, she has shifted her angle regarding me and Attrition more often than her career changes. According to Ms. Meinel, Attrition and myself are all of the following:

This is only the tip of the iceberg unfortunately. Mike Schiffman recently wrote a great piece called 'Debunking the Debunked', which was posted on AntiOnline. It is interesting that even now, Meinel's most prominant partner would post something blasting her for her latest piece. In Schiffman's piece, he goes on to say:

"Contrary to what she swears up and down, Carolyn Meinel is indeed a confidential informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and her status is listed as "MI" and "PS". MI indicates that the informant suffers from a mental or emotional dysfunction, and all information must be scrutinized as such. PS means that she is a probable suspect. This is why the FBI polygraphed her. Do you trust her?"

From here on out, you get to pick apart the lies, libels, and extremely unprofessional and criminal behavior that seems to follow Ms. Meinel.

Like we've said since day one, YOU make the decision. Read both her site ( as well as the rest of Errata: Meinel.

You decide what is real and what is not. No one but YOU should make decisions like that.


p.s. This is done on our own free will. This does not come as a result of any lawsuit, any hack, nor anything else.

Update: Between 2008 and 2010, Meinel has been sued by a third-party (unrelated to security / hacking) for libel and slander. The court case is ongoing and full of legal drama. Searches in the New Mexico courts for her last name will yield related court documents.

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