From: (Carolyn P. Meinel)
  6/2/96 8:00 PM

     Subject: Re: Dr. Timothy Leary died at 12:44AM May 31, 1996 (fwd)

 Newsgroups:, talk.politics.libertarian

I am sorry to learn of your son's problems.

Timothy was pretty strong on advising people to have a trip guide and get
proper preparation for an LSD experience. He warned about "bad trips."
During the entire LSD craze I think Timothy was one of the strongest in
warning that it was a powerful tool to be used caution, not as a
recreational drug. I am curious -- which of Timothy's writings did your
son read? 

I was one of the victims of brain damage who used it medically (back when
it was legal) under a Ph.D. psychologist's supervision to help reprogram
my brain to see normally once again. What I see is a man who went to
prison for doing the research that helped me recover from severe
neurological problems.  Believe me, therapy for brain damage is not easy
and not fast. I am sorry that a promising line of research was cut short. 

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