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Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 11:39:19 -0700
From: Carolyn Meinel (cmeinel@techbroker.com)
Subject: More on Villella's operation

It urns out that the fellow who gives subcontracts from Federal funding to
Modify and jericho has an *interesting* past.  If you want I can send you
some files full of old news stories.  Anyhow, here's the summary:

In reviewing Villella's Congressional testimony, he was famous not for
Iran/Contra (even it was his group within FEMA that drew up plans to
unconstitutionally round up and detain several tens of thousands of Central
Americans resident in the US in the event of an invasion of Nicaragua), but
rather he made frequent appearances before Congress and in the news for:

* handing out civil service jobs at inflated salaries as political plums to
his right wing nut cronies (including many buddies from his tenure as an
Army Col. in the Army police)

* accepting bribes

* punishing a subordinate who objected to his violations of procurement rules

* procurement fraud

* misappropriation of government funds

* using a FEMA employee for 18 months to perform nothing except personal

* sexual harassment

* perjury

This man's behavior has been well outside the first or even second standard
deviation of ethics.  As his current victim, I take exception to whom he has
chosen to subcontract to (rumored Hacking for Girliez ringleaders Martin and
Modify, as well as Pete Shipley, Michael Schiffman, and Chris Valor, all of
whom have harassed me in various ways, and the first two of whose IP
addresses have left suspicious tracks at my ISP), their being bankrolled by
Federal funds which give his subcontractors much free time to engage in
mischief, and the fact that this all appears to be happening despite
Villella being on the list of people to whom Federal contracts should not be
awarded (the GAO Excluded Persons list).  My understanding is that the Feds
at least at one time were funneling money to him through bd Systems Inc. of
Fairfax VA, an 8 (a) firm.  Why?  Maybe I'm being paranoid, but this smells

So... would you like a LARGE file of news stories on Villella's shady past?
Details about bd Systems?

Oh, and how would you like a data dump on the California Specialized
Training Institute, of which Villella was chief of staff?  Seems they
specialized in teaching spooks how to infiltrate and disrupt subversive
organizations.  But maybe I'm just paranoid...

I'm working now on the criminal record.  If, after all this stuff came up in
Congressional hearings, it would be verrry interesting if he escaped conviction.

Meanwhile jericho is trying to trick the readers of the Dc-stuff list and
his attrition.org web site into ignoring the Villella story by making fun of

I hope you can stay out of trouble, what with those hyenas after you.  You
did a magnificent job of turning around that disinformation campaign on your
alleged declaration of war on the Chinese and Iraqui information
infrastructure (as if Iraq even had one!).  Keep up your good work fighting
for freedom of speech and human rights in China!
Carolyn Meinel
M/B Research

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