UPDATE: Berryhill's at it again, only this time he plainly shows his lack of maturity (and common sense). Jay Dyson steps up and speaks out on this latest turn of events. Read all about it!

John Berryhill has to be one of our favorite pet kooks. Since he is very likely a real lawyer (unlike most others that claim that), he was quite vigorous in his threats to "walk across the road" to the courthouse. I don't know about you, but when I picture a law office across from a courthouse I don't picture The Practice or Ally McBeal. I picture those sleezy little one room turned law office outfits and provide cheap (not 'inexpensive') representation.

Despite his certainty that we were in the wrong, and despite his many threats, we never heard from this wackjob after this e-mail thread. Poor us.

A polite request = threat of lawsuit.

This is how many attorneys work it seems. They are not here to give you a legal education, but they will throw laws or statutes or vague threats at you and just hope you don't know better. If he had a real argument, seems to me that taking the five minutes to educate us on the law would be a lot better way to get us to comply with his request.

Cancer Omega responds and remind him that he must sue the government too.

He promises we will be sued.

I reply to him challenging his legal stance.

At this point I still wonder why he contacted the only two people (at the time) that were not involved in the mirror in any way. The web page clearly said to contact one of the three who updated the mirror. Further, if he were to read the huge "WARNING - READ THIS DISCLAIMER" and follow the "Contacting Us" link, he would find this:

Guess he needed an "armed response".

Berryhill responds to Modify

Note here, Berryhill claims they have identified the original defacer and that we will "meet him when we come to Philadelphia". Seems to me that if he really had identified the defacer, he wouldn't be so rabid toward us.

Cancer Omega responds and reminds him we were not the authors either.

I mail him and ask why he doesn't reply to me.

Cancer Omega responds to Berryhill in a diplomatic fashion.

The original from Berryhill to Cancer Omega was not saved. The relevant part is quoted though.

I point out more flaws in his arguments.

Because Berryhill didn't CC anyone, I reply to him via Cancer Omega's quoted text. Thus the double quotes.

Berryhill responds to Modify

Modify's reply to Berryhill (between jb05 and jb10) was lost. Quoted material preserved though.

Modify responds, bringing up some great points.

The biggest question here is why berryhill is contacting us 9 months after the page goes up.

Berryhill replies, but doesn't CC the rest of us.

Modify's next reply.

Berryhill replies to Modify, once again leaving us out of the CC

Berryhill finally replies to me, but shows incredible stupidity.

I demolish the weak arguments he replies with.

It's amusing looking back. He claims we hide behind handles (even tho we often sign with full name), while he hides behind acronyms like PHD.

Berryhill replies talking about what the information is with.

He doesn't seem to understand that regardless of the context his address was posted in, it is still not private. Further, a two second search will reveal his name, address, pager number and more. Someone who hates him can probably put 1 and 1 together making his point moot.

Berryhill finally responds to points in a much earlier reply (jb04)

What do we have to lose? I ask him what HE has to lose..

Berryhill stops communication citing our representation.

Notice how he keeps talking about Pennsylvania law? What part of a global Internet is he failing to understand?

Promise? =)

And... the tale doesn't end here. We ended up trading dozens more mails with him over a few matters. We have also been contacted by several people with similar stories to this one. For the rest of the drama, we have a second round.

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