From: security curmudgeon (jericho[at]
To: "John Berryhill Ph.D. J.D." (
Cc: Bastards (staff[at]
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 20:24:33 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Re: Polite Request

: : I am quite familiar with the computer security folks at MMS, and we know who

As am I. I have met with them in person before. This means exactly what?

: : the original culprit was.  I also know what the consequences are for your

So you are bringing legal action against them I assume?

: : continued posting of my credit card number after the MMS site was fixed.

See, this is what makes the issue very clear to us, and if this ever makes
it to court (hah), I will make sure I bring this mail up first.

1. You continue to refuse to address ME, the person who can help you. You
refuse to answer my mail, and refuse to keep me in the loop. This
indicates you have no real intention of resolving this issue, and leads us
to believe you are only attempting to pursue a frivilous lawsuit.

2. As SOON as we became aware of the CC# on the page, it was changed. It
was changed WITHOUT YOU ASKING us to, on our own initiative. You never
brought this up as an issue, only "defamation". 

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