From: security curmudgeon (jericho[at]
To: "John Berryhill Ph.D. J.D." (
Cc: Bastards (staff[at]
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 22:04:30 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: yRe: Polite Request

: I'm sorry that you are unable to understand that (a) I don't care what
: aliases you and your buddies hide behind and (b) re-publishing material that

Good try. I signed my first mail with my first and last name.

You still continued to ignore my mail, not answer my questions, threaten
us, etc.

: is invasive of privacy and defamatory is separately actionable, regardless of
: what you believe.  If "ME" were a person, "ME" would have a name.  But, no,

I'm sorry you can't read. I will include the full mail I originally sent,
with my full name in it. PLEASE READ IT THIS TIME.

: you don't give a damn about re-publishing other people's names, addresses and
: phone numbers on your mirror site or about implementing the robot exclusion
: standard in order to keep the material from being accessesd out of context.

You don't seem to give a damn about how the world works. I am truly sorry
I can not read your mind. You did not request we remove a) your credit
card, b) your phone number, c) your address. On my own initiative, I
removed most of the credit card number (the first numbers only identify
the card as 'visa'). I also removed the last 4 digits of your pager

We do give a damn as I have clearly demonstrated. This is not the first
time  I have done this and it will not be the last. I did not take the
mirror of the  MMS site, so I never saw the content.

: : 2. As SOON as we became aware of the CC# on the page, it was changed. It
: : was changed WITHOUT YOU ASKING us to, on our own initiative. You never
: : brought this up as an issue, only "defamation".
: Great.  Take out the name, address, and phone number, and we can call it a
: day.

And you didn't ask this in the first place.. why? You resorted to a
"polite request" of "take it down or i will sue you" instead. Even after I
changed it and notified you, you still continued to threaten us.

Your attitude and demeanor are not condusive to making others WANT to help
you. Your actions scream "abuse of power" and have gotten many lawyers
disbarred in the past.

As for your address,  I would usually do this upon request. However, in
this case one major factor will prevent me from doing so (and no, it is
not your poor attitude).

   3431 Hillock Lane
   Wilmington, DE 19808


Anyone on the Internet can get the same address from InterNIC records.
Because of this, it is not a 'private' address by any means, and is
available to anyone.

Now, I have complied with two out of three things you requested (before
you even requested them). I will not comply with the third as stated
above. This issue is resolved on our side. If you are not happy, please
proceed with your original plans of complaining in court.

Brian Martin

[Original mail quoted in full, with my full name.]

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