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Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 18:38:46 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: (fwd)

hopefully this finds you since you didn't have the balls to use a real
return address. fucking AOL'r, coward and moron.

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From: security curmudgeon (
Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 18:35:43 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re:

> I can't say why, but I'd always had a favorable opinion of
> Then I browsed your political photo gallery and I see bias suggesting
> that you're little more than just another dittohead.

I can't say why, but I'd always had a neutral opinion of people that
browsed our site and didn't mail.

Then I got your mail and I see evidence suggesting that you're little more
than an AOL'r in disguise.

> Another one (favorable opinion of mine) bites the dust.

Another candidate for "Going Postal" is born.

See a pattern? If you want to condem us for hosting a wide variety of
images, selectively ignoring ones that already prove you wrong, then
mailing us whining about it, fine with me. Before I respond to the
political bullshit rant below, consider it. We have images that make fun
of the election, bush, gore, reagan, clinton and everyone else. Further,
we don't make the images on the political gallery, they are created by
others and we just collect them and put them in one place. If you want to
make an image that shows YOUR political bias, send it in. If it is funny,
i'll host it. That is how simple it is, despite your attempt to blow it
out of proportion and paint us as "dittoheads" (whatever the fuck that

> Of course, once the 1st Amendment is declared null and void by the
> same Supreme Stupidity responsible for the 2000 Busch judicial coup
> d'etat, I'm sure they'll cut pro-fascist political commentary such as
> yours some slack...

If we're lucky, they will ban stupidity such as your own..

> Blaming voters for what was obviously a stolen election (the first of
> two) can most likely be explained by your continual exposure to and
> absorption of massive right-wing/fascist propaganda.  I hope the
> following truths don't shatter your vestigial brain:

Could you use a few more big words to help boost your point since it has
no merit or substance of its own? Jesus fucking christ you are shallow.

>  - how the 2000 election was stolen 
> ahead of time (censored by US media)
>  -  how the 2002 election was stolen in real time
>  -  
> just a coincidence, I'm sure...
>  -  Surprise, surprise: the media [sells] lies
>  -  Bush is not Hitler
>  -  everything you knew is a myth
>  -  is you a patriot?

And if i waste time finding a bunch of links that support my side and mail
you.. you will just up and change your mind like I am supposed to? Do you
not realize the net is full of opinions from both sides and that it is
trivial to find sites or articles that argue your point either way?
Fucking AOL'r in disguise I tell you.

> Do not question authority.  Ever.

You are the epitome of cluebag fuckstick morons that plague this net.

The fact that a small collection of images that insult both sides of the
fence could so easily sway you to mail something as insipid as this paints
the perfect picture of your own intellectual ability. Better watch out,
your opinion may change next time the wind blows.

ps: sending the same mail to me twice doesn't make your point twice as
strong. duh

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