Talk about mailing the wrong person...

From: Tom Orel (
To: jericho[at]
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 04:03:35 -0800
Subject: Need billing

Dear Sirs,

I need a billing (3rd party processor not requiring a merchant account)
which would allow me to advertise my service with bulk email.
I do not have a merchant account and do not wish to obtain one. Companies
like 2checkout freeze the account as soon as people start complaining
about spam (anti-spammers, abusers complain about spam not only to my
ISP but to the billing processor as well).

What I need is a credit card processor which would not require me to
obtain a merchant account and which would feel ok about me advertising
my products & services with spam. If you can help, please write me
back ASAP!

Tom Orel

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