Postal Installment #0002

And the hits keep rolling in...

Master of phreaking
'manipulating something very powerful'
We are not ISS, really..
'perhaps some heavier things'
The stock market will never be the same
Lessons in picking someone up via e-mail
We sell CPUs?
She can afford weed, but not webspace
but.. but i'm a GOOD hacker!
Sticks and stones..
'challenge the leading hacker groups'
Such wise philosophers mail us...

Spare an AK-47?

Social Implications of Databases
It's in that place we met that one time
Windows standards, gotta love em
Home Depot, porn and revenge
CIA contact again!
Our profiles
Pot, AOL and haxoring
source code to a new hacking program
We're a band
You, sir, are not only stupid, you're insane.
Kung-Fu Nokia

Words do not do justice

We're getting the death penalty
Leondardo Dicaprio to star in a hacking movie?
Hackmaster can help you!
ALL whites think this way
We'll take a different model than yours please
They're gonna sue our 'company', oh no!
A great many assumptions..
Stir-fried lawn ornament.

Shut up already! It's updated! Leave me alone!

Agent Paul Battle from the FBI
How to surf incognito..
But how is Biff and his wife?
err... yeah
I hate when i lose them.
not only read, but memorize
I have a better idea for that gerbil
You get nothing knave!
Curious about XXX
Touching.. *sniff*
Let me count the ways..
If we say no, you go away?
Quick, tell Discover skip sent her!

Yet Another Postal Installment (YAPI)

Hai, it's us here too
then my password "yeragimp"
Not until I get payed
113 'wetwilly' screen names
Windows Tech Support..
hello (router)
Mal is our resident expert on cheating
Can we talk rugby instead?
The 'dir' command is for sale.
Here is another address
Try the username "user18"
Truly profound statement. From us.
We're not as dumb as you look
Quit asking about my cat.
Playgirl readership is up
Careful what you ask for..

No shortage of idiots..

Talk about cheap..
dear allahs assholes
Use a monkey wrench
hope you have good bandwidth
you must be smarter than the browser
we have the a-answer for you!
should I make up some kind of a lame handle?
extreme genital discomfort
monkey pellets.
count of 12
don't ask what's in my wallet
I will be the happiest person in the world..
Theoretically, we're assholes.
thoses bitches!!

You people just ain't right in the head

when HTML goes bad
hacking around the world
when ENTER attacks
lessons learned
I am Ceyhun from Turkey...
He bought some software.
you hack low tech non secures sites
finite amount of mokeys has not been reached
Hugs my friends.., the revenge
even dorf porn stars!
Elfin magic
this art is not for everyone
We're a hoax.
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