In the spirit of reader feedback, sarcasm, and general Q&A.. we bring you the Attrition "Going Postal" section. Reader feedback can often be frustrating, almost enough to grab the nearest AK-47 and head to a post office. In case the AK-47 is out of reach, we can always rely on sarcasm to do the trick.

Originally called 'Cluebag', the following pages are here for amusement and to answer questions about Attrition. If you haven't checked it out already, read our 'Why' page and the article titled "What is Attrition". In the mean time, here is some of the more interesting mail we receive. Original responses included as much as possible.

This week's installment of Going Postal is a special tribute to one of our staff members, /dev/null (aka Null). Null has taken extra time to give the most unique of responses to many of the web site defacers who mail us. Here is a nice sampling of Null's work. Defacer information has been obscured to protect their stupidity.

"I plan to hack for a purpose"

Don't bash Jews, bash Homos

Third time's a charm?

You need connect to internet more times

Let's have a spelling contest!

The person in charge of HNN is a jerk!

really nice Job hacking sites of thoses bitches!!!

i am a bit drunk

look man i read the discalimer

could you archive this before 2001?

kleenex and hand lotion waiting

having fbi hoes run the leading defacement list site...

Go check it out.

like hello ??? wakeup guyz

i didn't know you would actually check all of them

your not there to judge

what am i supposed to do if not deface?

we won't "wrry", trust us

naked with a bowl of jello

yeah, a few ideas

We COULD tell you..

So let me reiterate what you're asking..

Armenian Genocide and Southern Florida property

Dictators, IQ, powerful friends, oh my!

That's the general idea.

Stupid is..

Bzzzzzzt, sorry, try again.

.. genital discomfort.

Been dying to put on spiked gloves..

.. build a lovely summer home!

on dialup machines

yes, we can help!

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