Going Postal

Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000 11:45:43 -0600 (MDT)
From: /dev/null (null@attrition.org)
To: jason xxxx (n0b@xxxx.net)
Cc: hacked@attrition.org
Subject: Re: ok

On 22 Oct 2000, jason mewheeny wrote:

: all that for little me? 
: (*My comments are in (*parenthesis*) but I guess your aware considering
: your'e the brillant one here right?*

That's the general idea.

: 1) Do -not- mail me directly.
: (*unintentionally did so, I appologize , i've had little to no sleep
: this week maybe 4 hours a night, and just basicly hit reply*). 

Apology accepted.  Not my problem, really; it just means we don't get to
mirror the defacement.

: I actually -have- a life, and am not in 
: front of my computer 24 hours a day. (*and..you automaticly assume I
: dont? i spend a average of maybe 5 hours a day at the most if even that
: on the net.

Did I ask, or even come off as if I cared?  I stated that I wasn't sitting
in front of my computer all day, so mailing me directly was a bad move as
your mail was likely to be missed.  Tsk.  Defensive, aren't we?

: It's a Saturday. I've been out
: enjoying myself with my friends.(*yeah its 6am here i just got in ,been
: out with a fine chic, not friends, maybe seek some sort of dating
: service*) 

Married, thanks.

: If you want us to mirror something, mail
: the address we so kindly provided for you script kidiots:
: hacked@attrition.org.(*jeeze guy, you think I will loose sleep over
: this whole issue, I mailed the mirror in to let it be known not to
: glorify the fact, I could give a flying fuck less about how you guys
: glorify these *children* whether you mirror this or not is no big deal,
: i seriously suggest you get laid,appears you have some annamosity
: built/backed up inside. callgirl services are active in your region im
: sure*)

I need to get laid?  You need to learn the English language and mature
yourself by a few years.  I'll bet I can remedy -my- situation more
quickly than you can remedy yours.

: 2)  It is by -no- stretch of the imagination our problem if you can't keep
: a web page defaced for more than five minutes.(*interesting, enlighten
: me more*)  

See, now you're just reaching.

: We take a mirror when we get around to it -- we're not going to dash to
: get a mirror at the whim of some drooling msadc monkey(*just incase you
: refer to ME your'e a dumbass the ISP I owned runs Irix 6.5, last time I
: checked irix didn't run NT server software*)

And somehow a lame IRIX sploit makes you less of a monkey than a lame
Microsoft sploit?  Your monkitude is not defined by which OS is the target
of your callow, self-important prattling.

: just because that wily admin might do his job properly.  Our mirror
: does not -- I repeat: NOT -- exist for -your- glorification.(*shucks*)
: 3)  When you deface a site and report it, and we check it, our IP address
: shows up in their log.(*understandable*)  If you fuck around with it
: afterwards and have us check it again, then our IP address shows up
: -again-...in other words, it shows up during -and- after the defacement.
(*nod nod*)This implicates us in the attack.  We don't LIKE being 
: implicated in attacks.(*i have been around more than just last week, i
: know basicly more than just the average child with inet access i assure
: you i cleanse/remove  all logs and do such with extreme careful matter*)

Oh goody.  So we're supposed to sit back and rely on good old n0b to
protect us by editing logs in our favor?  Oh yeah.  I trust that.  No
really.  I'm all reassured now.

: :All that said -- not surprisingly, www.pgweb.com is not defaced at the
: :moment. (*why would I make this up? I will be able to enter the server
: any time I want as a matter of fact, untill the admin gets a clue, maybe
: later this week i'll email them about this,if you like ill meet you on
: irc and show you in real time, that would be pointless just proof of
: concept at this point*.)

You're missing the point.  It's not that I doubt that you've defaced
www.pgweb.com.  I'm sure you have.  I don't -care-.  Incomprehensible as
it may be to you, I don't particularly care about lame web defacements.  I
take mirrors of them in my spare time.  They don't get my naughty bits all
engorged and tingly.  

:  Please don't deface it again; my IP address already appears all
: over the place in their logs,(*heh n/p*) and frankly, I'm fucking sick
: of trying.  Log off, go outside, and see if you can find yourself a
: life. (*Im after you thanks for your time*)

Got one, thanks.  In fact, got enough of one that I don't need to hax0r
web servers just to feel good about myself.

: :Hope this helps! (*not really man , opinionated little bastard aren't you?*)

Yep.  It's a prerequisite of Attrition staff.

:  (*man you seriously need help,)
: later

Mmmn.  And I'm so sure you're the one to give it to me.  Go away, kid, ya
bother me.