Going Postal

Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 20:53:05 -0600 (MDT)
From: /dev/null (null@attrition.org)
To: jason xxxx (n0b@xxxx.net)
Cc: hacked@attrition.org
Subject: Re: ....

*groan*.  HTML-ized email.  I hate that.

On 22 Oct 2000, jason xxxx wrote:

: :P:awfully offensive and concered to not give a fuck null.:/P:

That'd be me.

: :P:if this is true then why did you ever reply to me in the first place
: (and why will you reply again and again untill i stop emailing you???)

Because it's amusing, for one.  It gives me something to do in between
mirroring pointless crap.  For another, because I respect the right of
everyone -- even assholes and idiots -- to air their opinions.  If you
want to tell me I'm a self-important jerk, that's your prerogative, and
I'll happily reply to it, not just delete it.

: you feel supreme by trying to degrade persons like my self.

Frankly, I think you do a perfectly adequate job of degrading yourself
without my help.

: maybe sexually frustrated and a low self esteem to boost possibly? 

You sure do get a lot of mileage out of accusing other people of sexual
frustration.  Seems like you're pretty hung up over that.  Wonder why?

: It doesn't matter what I think, you have a fake response to every
: observation I do seem to opinionate. seems you are the one with no life,


: being that you let some 16 year old kid like myself get you aggitated
:  and all worked up. 

It's been many, many, many years since I let online bullshit get me
agitated (one 'g').  As I said, it gives me something else to do when I'm
taking mirrors.  And as far as I'm concerned, age means nothing.  It's
maturity level that matters.  You should work on yours.

: yeah granted I pull some stupid moves now and again. hax0ring is one of
: them, this is probobly the first server i have even began to touch in
: over 1 year.:/P:

Funny, I count seven n0b defacements in September alone.  And yes, I
agree.  'Hax0ring' and defacing are stupid.  Very, very stupid.

: :P:Im sure you went through this stage , as a matter of fcat *I KNOW*
: you did also...:/P:

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzt, sorry, try again.  I have never defaced a web site in my
life.  Never will.  I've never been a malicious/black hat hacker.  I never
saw a need for it.  So no.  I did not "go through this stage".

: :P:I mean jesus man you jumped the gun, I just responded and will
: continue to respond to any comments regarding my actions. as far as
: these flames you have directed I will loose no sleep over it. matter of
: fact I leave to go back home tommorrow got a 13 hour drive and I will
: not think about It one time whatsoever.:/P:

Jumped the gun?  I replied to you the same way I reply to anyone who pulls
that.  I told you not to mail me directly.  I told you it isn't our
problem if you can't keep a site defaced long enough for it to get
mirrored.  And I told you I wasn't interested in being implicated in your
nonsense.  These are fairly valid points and I feel no need whatsoever to
defend them.  If they were expressed disrespectfully...well, that's
because I don't respect web page defacers.  Oh well.  I'd say I'm sorry,
but I'd be lying.  I don't find what you do to be worthy of respect.  I'm
sure you don't give a fuck what I think...or maybe you do, since you
certainly have been vehement in your responses.

: :P:well for what its worth:/P:
: :P:cheers,:/P:

Have fun at home.