I really do love when these kooks mail us multiple times in a few hours, and act like we killed their dog instead of reading their mail. Worse, these armchair lawyers who think they have an idea of the law. I guess it didn't occur to Steve that criminal charges for copyright infringement would require him to prove we did it for a commercial advantage or private financial gain or exceed a retail value of US $1,000. But I don't think that matters to him.

Steve's first mail, Monday afternoon at 4:45

Steve's second mail, Monday afternoon at 6:00

I reply, and outline a few polite tips on mailing us.

I reply to his other erratic mail

We did not remove the mirror. Rather, we removed the pages that were not related to the defacement, including 'backup.html'. Our mirror process frequently grabbed portions of a web site when the defacer would link from their defaced page to the real site.

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