05.03.21          review: Without Remorse, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, Voyagers, and Kodachrome

04.25.21          review: Queen of Katwe, Falcon & Winter Soldier, Barbaren / Barbarians, and Knight's Tale

04.15.21          review: Luzhin Defence, La Piovra/The Octopus, Magic, How to Build a Girl, Sorry For Your Loss

04.12.21          errata: EC-Council Blocks Women in Cybersecurity After Sexist Survey

04.12.21          errata: EC-Council ECSA Certification is Sexist

04.08.21          review: Marshland, The One, Searching for Bobby Fischer, Bad Trip

03.30.21          review: Day of the Triffids, Sweet Dreams, SAS: Red Notice, Allen v. Farrow

03.24.21          review: Cherry, 3022, The Ballad of Lefty Brown, Unknown

03.21.21          mirror: Web Page Hack Mirror Re-Opened

03.06.21          review: Coming 2 America, Cosmic Sin, I Care A Lot, Point Blank

02.24.21          review: Breaking and Entering, The Final Girls, Seungriho / Space Sweepers, Silk Road (2021)

02.12.21          review: Palmer, Vox/Lux, Underwater, The Next Three Days

02.07.21          review: The One, Outside the Wire, The Sparks Brothers, Coyote Season 1

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