06.16.21          review: Stowaway, Infinite, Mare of Easttown, and Spontaneous

06.11.21          news: Birthday wishes for Lyger & mauvehed

06.05.21          errata: Legal Threats - Attrition copy is FIN in favor of crowdsourced version

05.31.21          news: New Blood, Old Habits, and the Same Shit

05.31.21          blog: Perlroth, Terminology, and Hyperbole

05.25.21          review: FAQ updated. Finally.

05.25.21          review: Chopper, Yin Yang Master, Land, and Dark

05.07.21          review: Vanquish, The Marksman, Mortal Kombat, and Never Rarely Sometimes Always

05.03.21          review: Without Remorse, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, Voyagers, and Kodachrome

04.25.21          review: Queen of Katwe, Falcon & Winter Soldier, Barbaren / Barbarians, and Knight's Tale

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