Attrition has been funded by the staff members for over eleven years now. We use no banner advertisements, no link exchanges, and never ask for donations unless we feel the situation is worthy of such a request (twice in ten years). Over the years, Attrition has provided a single source for a wide variety of security and miscellaneous resources. This includes the Defacement Mirror, which often took three staff members working as much as sixteen hours a day each, and the Data Loss project, which took dozens of hours per week to maintain over a period of more than three years. Through the generosity of Infowarrior, Attrition has been given exceptional co-location/hosting rates. This alone has allowed Attrition to survive as long as it has. Since its creation, the hardware running this system has been upgraded three times, the most recent of which has been documented here.

As a result of the hardware upgrades, co-location concerns and continued feedback, we are offering a way to donate to Attrition. If you feel that Attrition has been helpful to you or your organization, or has just flat-out been better than a night out at the movies, feel free to donate here. Please Note! Attrition WILL continue on, even if we don't receive a single penny. This is a hobby site run in the spare time of the various staff and volunteer members. We do this for our own reasons, and money certainly has never been one of them.

Where will the money really go?

To be honest, the money will first be used to offset the cost of three machine upgrades and electricity. Any additional money we receive will be used for various reasons:

Will any form of income compromise the objectivity or integrity of

No. To be clear: we are not asking for donations. If we receive donations from a company, it will not influence our work or opinions. Even if Microsoft donated a million dollars tomorrow, we would still question their shady business practices and challenge their motives behind such things as their 'Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure' initiative. Further, if you are a company we list on the Errata pages, save yourself the time and just don't donate. We will not remove any content, period, and money will not influence us.

Will donating to get me any special treatment, access, prizes, etc?

Quite possibly. The image gallery has been hidden and password-protected for a few years due to past abuse and inline-linking of images to other sites. A donation via PayPal may (read: will probably) grant you access to the gallery and a "thank-you" email from a staff member or volunteer. However, at no point will shell accounts be given out or sold, no matter what the donation is. So don't donate with some hope that you will get a ph4t 31337 attrition sh3ll y0. HOWEVER, females sending us pictures of themselves with an " 0wn3z" sign *in the photo itself* will receive special consideration. Be creative and don't let the sign cover anything.


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