Lazlo's Floridian Cousin: Introducing...

Sat 14 Jan 2023 03:03:13 PM MST


It started with Lazlo, then many years later came Lezlo and Lolzo. Last year we noticed Dave McEflatrick from Cyanide & Happiness fame offering to do commissions, presumably to purchase meth and crayons.

As a group that fully supports bodily autonomy and an individual's choice to do meth and art, we asked for a custom image. Specifically, we asked for:

This is the mascot for my web site. I want your take on Lazlo =) Drunk, on meth, depraved, whatever. Try to keep it just inside the lines of 'R' not 'X' please!

After some back-and-forth, we further clarified "Yeah, we lean more toward depraved / low rent". He got to work and started crafting the newest member to the Attrition family. Low and behold, we got this awesome beast!

With that beauty, the last trick was a name. Martums came up with a slew of anagrams of "worthless backwater" including Tater 'Kewl Warbs' Cosh and Tater 'Skew Slaw' Chorb. Other anagrams led to choices like Porgy 'IR' Filets and Porgy El First. Yet another gave us Mangy Albert, but none of these really captured the essence of that

Back in October, D2D said that it looked like a Reginald, "which isn't far from Regyl. Which is also Lyger backwards. There is a resemblance...the anger, the cig, and the nipples?" Bingo, we had it all along. So here you are, meet the spirit of Lyger (one of the anagrams above!), our latest disturbing addition...


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