According to our meta tags, " is an eclectic collection of internet and computer security resources." Pages about security, movie reviews, poetry, statistics, and firearms are all available from the main page, but many others written long ago (and sometimes forgotten about, even by us) are still on the site. Despite our collective problems remembering every single piece of content on the site, we are constantly reminded of past transgressions, addictions, and general weirdness through the file known as "access_log." For various reasons, people far and wide use their favorite search engines to find something, anything, that will help them solve their "problem of the day." Every click on a link to becomes a new member of our happy family, and that's where we come in, because we actually read those logs. We "just ain't right," but apparently many people who visit have issues of their own to deal with.

To break some of these down, we have specific examples of search queries that not only led the searcher to attrition, but may also show a little bit of insight into the weirdness of those who find us:

#004 - The Return of the Midget Terr'ists

#003 - The Attack of the Lesbian Eskimo Nazis

#002 - WTF?

#001 - A Study of Oddballs

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