Other Books Containing Plagiarism

The following table shows other books that contain plagiarism. These are included as reference, as a full review of the book will not be performed. This is generally due to limited time on our side, and us already documenting extensive plagiarism by the author(s). Just enough material was revieweed to determine definitively if plagiarism is present in the book. If there are any doubts about this, consider the wide variety of other extensively documented plagiarism we have uncovered. The same methodology and standards were used; the only difference is the amount of material in the book reviewed.

Book / ISBN / Author(s) / Publisher
Example of Plagiarism
Cracking Admissions in Colleges Abroad
Ankit Fadia & Aditya Singh
Vikas Publishing House
Chapter 13 (4 full pages) is mostly verbatim from a Forbes article written a year earlier.

Ankit Fadia has a clear history of plagiarism. This is the first time Aditya Singh has appeared on Errata.
Intrusion Alert
Ankit Fadia & Manu Zacharia
Vikas Publishing House
This book is marketed under a slightly different name and has a unique ISBN, but is largely the same as 'Network Intrusion Alert', which was published a year later. A significant portion of this book is identical to the subsequent release, and contains the same plagiarized content.
Tricks of e-mail Hacking
Sahil Khan
Diamond Books
Chapter 1 is largely taken verbatim from several sources including answers.com, howstuffworks.com, answers.yahoo.com, and more.

Sahil Khan has a clear history of plagiarism.
Ankit Fadia & Jaya Bhattacharjee Vikas Publishing House
Chapter 1 contains significant portions, some rewritten to a degree, from Basics of Cryptography and Applications for Windows NT by Gary C. Kessler.
The almost six pages in Chapter 3 on elliptical curve cryptography are verbatim (including graphics) from Primer on elliptical curve cryptography.

Ankit Fadia has a clear history of plagiarism. This is the first time Jaya Bhattacharjee has appeared on Errata.
Hacking Mobile Phones
Ankit Fadia
Thomson Course Technology
Chapter 1, page 4-6 / 11-12 / 21-22, parts of 24 verbatim from Henry Owen's ECE 4112 "Internetwork Security" Class.

Ankit Fadia has a clear history of plagiarism.
Software Hacking
Ankit Fadia & Nishant Das Patnaik
Vikas Publishing House
As with many of Fadia's books, this uses many smaller bits from multiple sources to make the greater work. Pages 73-75 from E-Aladdin, 87 from Macrovision, 88-89 from two cdrinfo.com articles, and 205 from Microsoft. In addition, the authors take full code samples and strip the headers without giving credit to the original authors. This can be seen on pages 146-149 and 162-163 from OpenRCE.org (one, two, and three).

Ankit Fadia has a clear history of plagiarism. This is the first time Nishant Das Patnaik has appeared on Errata.

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