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"Hackers and Crackers" by Sahil Khan is yet another book on "hacking" by an "Indian whiz kid". Khan has been described as "the youngest ethical hacker and writer in world" (sic) and nicknamed "Indian Einstein". Syed Sujeel Ahmed of Islam Online said "What's even more amazing is the fact that this whiz kid is self taught and has never taken a computer class.". Despite the glowing reviews of his intelligence, Khan's first book has been entirely plagiarized from public sources and other books. The four sentences he includes as conclusions in a few places are hardly worth counting.

Worse, Khan is not able to recognize the difference between ASCII art depicting a computer chip and a segment of programming code. This demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding about computers and hacking. In the chapter on networking, he pastes from multiple sources injecting material specific to NetBSD without explanation. In some areas he removes the original copyright and replaces it with his name.

Hackers and Crackers

Sahil Khan

ISBN: 81-288-1793-0

Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd.

Contact: /

Edition: 2008

Sahil Khan contact: &

The Plagiarism

The following table details the portions of the book that were taken from other sources, making up % of the material. Information is included to distinguish not only plagiarized material, but also what was done in an attempt to obscure the original source (e.g., removing text or credit). This shows willful infringement of copyright and inexcusable plagiarism.

Pages / total Description Original Source
9 (unnumbered) 3 paras, 5 bullets. leads in with "we paraphrase here" but copies directly. 80% The New Hacker's Dictionary
11 (unnumbered) Entire page except last sentence. 95% The New Hacker's Dictionary
Engwiki: Hackers & Crackers
20 Intro and 2nd para. 100% Facebook Hackers Group
DocDroppers Wiki: Hacker
21 All 5 paras. 100% 1: Facebook Hackers Group
2: DocDroppers Wiki: Hacker
3-5: Hacking Alert: Computer Hacking Explained
22 All 4 paras. 100% 1-3: Hacking Alert: Computer Hacking Explained
4: Book: Maximum Security, Ch 3
23-24 All 5 paras with content. Last few lines are closing chapter. 90% Book: Maximum Security, Ch 3
26-27 "What is BIOS?" section, very minor word substitution. 100% eBay Reviews & Guides: What is BIOS?
27-28 "Why do you need to hack BIOS?" section. 100% BIOS password hacking
28-29 "How to hack BIOS password?" section, 100% Basic BIOS password crack By vishal sharma
29-36 "Flashing BIOS via software", "Flashing BIOS via hardware". 100%
Note: pg 32-35, denotes "Code:" where ASCII graphics are used. Khan does not understand it isn't programming code.
How to Bypass BIOS Passwords by Elf Qrin
38-50 "Modifying a Laptop BIOS for Fun", dropped a few words from intro para only. 100% (Entire Chapter 3) Modifying a Laptop BIOS for Fun and Profit
52-60 "Hacking Windows", very minor rewording in a few places. 100% BookRags: Microsoft Windows Summary
60-61 "Breaking Windows 98 admin password", added 11th step. 98% Breaking Windows 98 Passwords!!!
Hacking 98 PC (reply from rajneeshbhardwaj)
61-62 "Windows XP administrator password with an limited account", including original formatting errors. 100% Hack Adminstrator Password For Windows XP
62-63 "Hacking Windows XP administrator password" (second section), 7 words added at end. 100% How to hack windows XP admin password">
63-64 "Hacking into Windows 95, Windows 98 and ME". 100% Hacking into Windows 95 (and a little bit of NT lore)! (HappyHacker)
66-73 "Hacking with the help of Registry and Loopholes", 100% Windows Registry Tutorial
73 "Now let us do some existing hacks". 100% Using Regedit.exe
73-75 "Hack and change the start button", both graphics even have 'Tech-Recipes' watermark left in. 100% Hack and Change the Text in your Start button on Windows
75-78 Three sections on registry hacks. Leaves original references to material he didn't include. 100%
Leaves in "I began computing in the days of DOS", which was before Sahil Khan was born.
Windows XP Hacks
78-92 Ten sections on registry hacks. 100% Xp Tips And Tricks
82-83 "Enable/disable animated screen". 100% Enable/disable animated windows
83-84 Two sections on XP Explorer hacks. 100% Hacking Windows XP: Hacking Windows Explorer by Steve Sinchak
Hacking File Associations ibid.
86-88 "An introduction to network hacking". 100% Network Protocol - Types of Network Protocols
89 "IP address explained". 100%
Note: Khan changes the end to "maps it to a completely different IP version 6 private addresses" and ends abruptly, while being technically inaccurate.
linkprovider: IP Address
90-92 Eleven paragraphs on networking. 100% A Detailed Explanation of IP Addresses
92-95 Five sections on networking. The text used is very NetBSD-centric, without any lead in or explanation in the book. 100% Chapter 23. Introduction to TCP/IP Networking
96-105 "Getting IP data from numerous sources", including typos. 100% Getting IP data from numerous sources by Alfons Hoogervorst
105-109 Four sections on networking. 100% Chapter 23. Introduction to TCP/IP Networking
109-110 "What is ProtoWall?". 100% Wikipedia: ProtoWall
110-111 "Do I Have to Type in the HTTP and WWW in the Address Field of my Web Browser?". 100% Do I Have to Type in the HTTP and WWW in the Address Field of my Web Browser?
111-113 "What are the Origins of the Internet?". 100% What are the Origins of the Internet?
113 "Prepare a clean DOS boot disk". 100% Identify your motherboard and BIOS
113-116 "Name Service Concepts", "Next generation Internet protocol - IPv6". 100% Chapter 23. Introduction to TCP/IP Networking
118 "Viruses Introduction". 100% Webopodia: Virus
119-143 "The history of computer viruses". 100% The history of computer viruses by
143-144 Definitions of Virus, Trojan and Worm. 100% VirusProtect User Guide
144-146 Rest of Virus chapter. 100%
Note: Khan prints a definition for Virus multiple times from multiple sources.
searchsecurity: virus
148-154 "Making Virus Yourself". 100%
Note: Khan changes the Copyright on a sample from Black Wolf Enterprises to his own name.
Virus in C by Black Wolf (1993)
154-163 "E-mail password getting virus". 100%
Note: Khan includes a reply to the code containing "Also, uh, why are you randomizing which process to kill?" and "thi code dont work"
C# VIRUS (Forum post and several replies, 2006)
163-168 "Making fun virus". 100%
Note: Khan starts pasting 6 lines in to the guide.
Smith's C++ Virus Writing Guide (2004)
168-170 Unmarked section, random code snippets without explanation. 100% A Practical Virus Writing Guide:Part 2
170-176 Unmarked section, random code snippets without explanation. 100% C++ Virus Tools (II) (2006)
176-180 Unmarked section, random code snippets without explanation. 100%
Note: Part of this includes a reprint of material found on page 157-159
C# VIRUS (Forum post and several replies, 2006)
183-186 Denial of Service. 100% Wikipedia: Denial of Service
186-188 Syn Flood Attacks. 100% IBM Security Advisory ERS-SVA-E01-1996:006.1
188-191 Surviving attacks. 100% Denial-of-service attack (Note: this material widely used, may not be original.)
191-194 Ping o' Death. 100%
Note: Khan leaves in the IBM specific fixes for AIX from advisory.
IBM Security Advisory ERS-SVA-E01-1996:006.1
196 "What is buffer overflow?". 100% New Hacker's Dictionary
196-204 Buffer overflow section. 100%
Introduction to Buffer Overflow by Ghost_Rider
208-210 "Game Making". 100% What software should you use to make a video game?
210-221 "Opening the file" and on. 100% Tutorial for Platform Engine v2.4 By Martin Piecyk
221-222 Unmarked continuation of last section. 100% Game Maker Manual ("So you want to create your own computer games" section)
222-232 This is a reprint of the material on pages 210-221. 100% Tutorial for Platform Engine v2.4 By Martin Piecyk
234-238 "As introduction to computer hardware". 100% UHWB: Ultimate Hardware Book
238-239 "Identify your motherboard and BIOS". 100% Identify your motherboard and BIOS
239-240 "What is a computer algorithm?". 100% howstuffworks: What is a computer algorithm?

Total Pages Plagiarised
206 / 206 (99.35%)

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