Gregory D. Evans threatens, bullies and then plagiarizes a respected podcaster

Mon Jan 10 00:21:14 CST 2011

Gregory D. Evans is a conflicted man. On one hand, he hates Chris John Riley (CJR) with a passion. This has been demonstrated in the past when Evans threatened Riley and his family. Evans went so far as to make Riley a prominant figure on the supposedly "un-biased" CyberWars site, with several articles dedicated to him. It was further demonstrated through a string of tweets from Evans directed toward Riley over several weeks:

Mon Dec 20 21:09:48 +0000 2010 @GregoryDEvans Gregory D. Evans says: @ChrisJohnRiley you talk a lot on the net. The police is investg 21 year old
Mon Dec 20 21:13:37 +0000 2010 @GregoryDEvans Gregory D. Evans says: U crack me up. The police have been investigating 21 Kris French aka #blueshellsec. Chris want to act like a victim. U called me a nigger
Mon Dec 20 21:14:09 +0000 2010 @GregoryDEvans Gregory D. Evans says: @ChrisJohnRiley run tell CBS that.
Mon Dec 20 21:45:32 +0000 2010 @GregoryDEvans Gregory D. Evans says: @BlueShellSec I'm talking about the word nigger being called from Chrisriley
Sat Dec 25 13:57:30 +0000 2010 @GregoryDEvans Gregory D. Evans says: @ChrisJohnRiley u r so funny. We laughing at u at CNN. I was sitting 3 desk down when u called. u make me more powerful each time. Thank u.
Sun Jan 02 06:23:34 +0000 2011 @GregoryDEvans Gregory D. Evans says: @ChrisJohnRiley and others should thank me for making you popular. Chris twitters followers have gone up since by 600 is June.

Between the threat, online bullying and Twitter harassment, there is no doubt that Gregory Evans does not like or respect Riley. This makes it all the more curious why Evans would in turn blatantly plagiarize a blog post from Riley and re-post it as his own. Evans' web site,, has a long history of plagiarizing articles by taking third-party content, removing any sign of the original author and putting a small (sometimes obscured) link to the original source at the bottom. This wholesale plagiarism in turn lead Evans to take Riley's blog on Metasploit SAP Management and turn it into "his own" article on with an obscured Google feedproxy URL instead of a direct link to Riley.

This profound lack of respect for Riley, who is widely respected in the security industry, and lack of respect for copyright demonstrate that Evans only cares about himself and his attempt to run a profitable business, even if apparently based on fraudulent activity.

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