Gregory D. Evans, Cyber Bullying Expert

Thu Jan 6 15:42:24 CST 2011

Gregory Evans touts himself as a "Cyber Bullying" expert. He speaks to students and the media every chance he gets, warning them about the topic and how to reduce it. The entire topic of 'cyber bullying' is a bit silly at times, with so many social applications allowing you to simply block someone you don't want to deal with. In some cases, that simply isn't effective but for the most part, the topic seems overhyped.

If you wonder how someone becomes an expert on 'cyber bullying', it may help to look at their own actions. In the case of Evans, it becomes very clear that his expertise is founded on his own online bullying tactics. The most notable was in July, 2010, when Evans threatened the life of a podcaster and his family, resulting in a visit to the LIGATT office in Georgia from the FBI.

More recently, Evans has taken to continuing his own online bullying, by dropping the names and addresses of people he has a problem with. Along with the information comes the threats of federal law suits, despite his state case having one defendant being sued dismissed already (the rest are technically still being sued). Evans trying to intimidate people online while preaching to students and media about 'cyber bullying' is ironic and hypocritical. Evans' actions lead to Twitter suspending the account of @GregoryDEvans shortly after these tweets.

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