Gregory D. Evans, Even More Plagiarism

Mon Jun 21 02:39:08 CDT 2010

After being exposed for plagiarizing material from a CEH book to provide content for LIGATT's "learn to hack" Twitter campaign, and after further being exposed for heavy plagiarism in his latest book, a third round of blatant plagarism has been found. This has also now been covered on Praetorian Prefect.

In a previous article, "LIGATT: Playing Race Cards with a Loaded Deck", it was discovered that LIGATT was using a picture of a legitimate journalist but (presumably) the name of a LIGATT employee. This was the tip of the iceberg as several people began to notice that "Seria Mullen" was not the only (NCS) author that was suspicious. Not only was the picture of Mullen used without permission, articles attributed to her were directly copied from legitimate news sources with no attribution. The lack of attribution is one thing, and while all too common on the Internet, still not giving due respect to an author and not respecting copyright. In this case, LIGATT goes one step further by attributing the article to their own 'authors'.

Despite Evans' protests, he clearly does not understand the definition of "plagiarism".

Take for example "Grey McKenzie", a "National Cyber Security Founder" and one of the "nation's leading Internet security experts". With a minimal Twitter feed that only links to his profile page on NCS, the minimal Google search results call into question his past and contributions. Looking at one of his "articles" on NCS, we quickly see that it is stolen from an article on "Foreign Policy".


The previously mentioned "Seria Mullen" not only used someone else's picture, but lifted the entire article on hackers and cars. As with other articles, no mention of the original source:


Even without finding plagarized articles, it is obvious that NCS is fabricating authors when the names do not match the biographies used:

If the above doesn't call LIGATT and National Cyber Security into serious ethical and professional question, the following video shows a dozen or more additional examples along with Evans weakly attemping to defend his plagairism.

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