News covering AntiOnline (and its Errata)
Attrition Staff       [06.21.99]   State of AntiOnline
Brian Martin          [06.10.99]   AntiOnline Under Investigation

Morag Preston         [05.19.99]   Hack turned tracker
Matt Richtel/NYT      [06.02.99]   Federal Cybercrime Unit Hunts for Hackers
Patrick Riley/Fox     [04.14.99]   Civilian Hackers Go Online to Fight
Paul Van Slambrouck   [04.02.99]   Online Sherlocks work overtime to police Internet
Paul Festa            [01.19.99]   A Net home for hackers
Michael Stroh         [01.11.99]   Hacker Backers Disrupt Newspaper Web Sites
Brendan Koerner       [10.19.98]   A man-child messenger for the hacker world 
Arik Hesseldahl       [09.14.98]   All the News That's Fit to Hack
Lisa Ronthal          [07.07.98]   Information security mecca
James Glave/Wired     [05.04.98]   AntiOnline Founder Under Fire    
Martinez/ABCNEWS      [04.29.98]   Hacker Tools Getting Smarter, Watch Out For Vandals!
James Glave/Wired     [04.24.98]   Crackers Set Sights on Submarines
Andrew Quinn/Reuters  [04.23.98]   Pentagon Cyber-Hackers Claim NASA Also Cracked 
James Glave/Wired     [04.21.98]   Have Crackers Found Military's Achilles Heel?
James Glave/Wired     [03.04.98]   Hacker Raises Stakes in DOD Attacks
James Glave/Wired     [03.03.98]   Pentagon 'Hacker' Speaks Out