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Information security mecca

AntiOnline is THE indispensable resource on hacking and information security
-- not only at the macrocosmic or national-defense level, but for the individual
as well. Part of what AntiOnline does is find, fix, and publicize bugs and
problems with software that create security holes, thus protecting end users like

[And in JP's 2/4/5 years of running AntiOnline, how many advisories
has he released? How many bugs has he found, reported, and fixed? 0.]

you and me from dangerous information leaks and tampering. Our ability to
trust our own communications software and to make all the online transactions
we ever make is protected by guys like this -- people who work independently
from the software manufacturers and the government. 

[This is an insult to groups like the l0pht, ADM and others who
actually do research into vulnerabilities in commercial (and free)

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