FRIDAY, APRIL 2, 1999 
Online Sherlocks work overtime to police Internet
Paul Van Slambrouck 
Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

"Mr. Vranesevich trys to bridge the gulf between hackers and the
establishment and says based on firsthand experience, most hackers
are simply "trying to create mischief and gain peer acceptance.""

["I don't now, nor have I ever, claimed to be a hacker." 
-- John Vranesevich (JP), AntiOnline Founder, 4/26/99. 

"Let's keep one thing straight. I never 'been there and done that'. I've 
always been on the right side of the law as far as those sort of things go 
(well, as far as all things go for that matter). In my case it's more like 
'was there, watched that from a distance, took notes'. Heh." 
-- John Vranesevich, AntiOnline Founder, 4/5/99

First hand experience what?]