From: Gene Randolph (
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 06:22:00 +0800
Subject: maybe you can give me some suggestions

Here Is the problem... Thank you in advance... Hope you can shed some light on how 
to deal with this situation...

I am looking for feed back regarding this long story... thank all of you in advance...

This started about 8 months ago.  I was doing a small loan business with another woman 
who was referred to me by an American associate of mine who is now married to a Filipina 
and living in the Philippines. He also has the ability to hack into my system. (Just a 
note for reference). He gave her good recommendations, and also mentioned that she was friends 
with local judges and that her husband, was friends with some politicians. She and I talked and 
seemed to have a good report, so I did make investment with her of about $1400.oo to do a small 
money lending business. Well I met my fiancée after starting the business with this other woman, 
and I did tell my fiancée about it. My fiancée did actually meet and talk with her, and look 
at the books for me, for I wanted her to oversee my aspect of the business. But later this 
businesswoman wanted to get things personal with me. I did not want that and finally just end 
telling the business associate to just keep all the business for herself, and that I will be 
finished having any contact with her. About two months later, I received a death threat warning 
concerning my fiancée, which said that the sender would hunt down my fiancée and destroy her. 
I did send that message to Yahoo abuse people who ignored it.

I do know that this business associate has friends in the Middle East. She had sent e-mails to 
me with attachments of sports info that also had the e-mail addresses of many of her friends 
that she was also sending it to. And her one friend from the Middle East did crack a 26-character 
password that I had asked her to check. The password was for a program that I had written in 
MS Excel.

My fiancée and I did talk about this death threat and we just figured that it was a bogus 
threat. Shortly there after mycomputer was hacked and my fiancée and I started having problems 
communicating with each other. IM blocked, My Yahoo log-in blocked on my system, my personal 
e-mail with my DNS server was hacked and damaged to where I could not open it up. Then my hard 
drive was hacked and I had to reformat it. My fiancée and I then signed up to MSN, it was hacked, 
and then blocking us also. This had happened over a period of several months.

I since then have had to reformat my hard drive several times between July 2006 and Feb 2007.
It seems that this hacker has collected all our personal information, and even has taken info 
from our yahoo accounts from the forms that were filled out for the K-1 visa.

Now, since March 5, 2007 the hacker has stepped up blocking all forms of communications 
between my fiancée and me. My phone line is electronically bugged, and I did report it to my 
phone company, that the hacker is tracking my calls, and blocking me from calling my fiancée. 
This term is called a Phracker (Combination of computer hacker and phone hacker). The hacker 
has also blocked my fiancée from sending me e-mail messages to my company truck, a completely 
different e-mail account. That is three e-mail accounts of mine that is plagued by this person. 
And I have had to reformat my hard drive three times since March 5, because it has been hacked, 
and the last time I reformatted it, I was hacked with in an hour. Sometimes not allowing a 
reboot, forcing me to boot it from disk. I have used all the known anti-virus, anti-spyware, 
purchased, as well as free ware, and nothing is stopping this person. I also have a broadband 
firewall router on my system, and still the person is getting through. This has all been done 
since March. And the hacker does have my complete schedule for while I am in Davao visiting 
my fiancée. I am flying out Monday 23 April and will be there for two weeks.

Now in light of the recent terrorist alerts, this has made me think that this previous 
businesswoman has had one of her connections hacking my system, and that she is planning an 
attempt on me and my fiancée's lives while I am there, using the terror alerts as a cover. 
I did discuss this with my Fiancée and suggested that we end our relationship, for I am afraid 
that this person is wanting to wait until we are together to make an attempt to gain the maximum 
emotional damage to us. She can not understand how I would rather be separated from her, rather 
than seeing her dead. After I suggest that to my fiancée, she is now thinking that I am a 
coward, wanting to end the relationship and not wanting to go there now. Her opinion is that I 
am afraid to continue this relationship because we are threatened. I am afraid in that sense, and
told her so, for I don't want to see her or her little girl killed because of being in a 
relationship with me. But my fiancée says if I canceled the trip because of the terrorist 
warnings she would understand that.  I can only be there for two weeks. She did point out to me 
that for her, having the relationship ended would be the same as her being dead. As it stands, 
I am still going there to see her and to have some serious talks about how things are between us.

I know that there are a lot more details that I did not fill in, but I just wanted to make sure 
to give the most important details to help you get an opinion. Thank you for any feed back.

My questions are these. 1) Do you think my reasoning is valid. 2) Do you think I am being dumb 
by still going there now? If anyone wants to e-mail me offline, my e-mail address is

Thank you Gene

From: nepen (
To: Gene Randolph (
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 11:20:14 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: Re: maybe you can give me some suggestions

On Mon, 23 Apr 2007, Gene Randolph wrote:

> Here Is the problem... Thank you in advance... Hope you can shed some
> light on how to deal with this situation...

I think your fiancée is the one in need of advice. This sounds like one
hell of an elaborate way to say, "I'd like to go fuck someone younger and
a little less bald and a lot less paranoid."

Perhaps a little honesty in your relationship would fix things?


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