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Date      OS Group/Person      AMCK Site                              
~~~~      ~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~      ~~~~ ~~~~

[99.11.09] NT [sarin]                Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (
[00.01.01] NT [acidk|own]            Akte Saudi Arabia (
[00.01.30] NT [Artech]               MBCE Saudi Arabia (
[00.01.31] NT [VSO]                  #2 MBCE Saudi Arabia (
[00.07.05] NT [M3L40]                Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, minstery of information (
[01.01.04] NT [m0sad]            MCB Riyad Bank (
[01.05.03] 2k [prime suspectz]       Microsoft (Saudi Arabia) (
[01.05.12] 2k [Silver Lords]     M   SPPI LLC (

OS Distribution for this break out
(all counts and percents in the chart are after July, 1999)
Win-NT 8 100%
Total Defacements: 8

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