You Have Been Compromised.

a computer: $600, a security fer dummiez b00k: $25, a y2k consultant to help read the dummie b00k t0 m3: $1500....the expression on the admin's face after i rape his server after learning my new elite skillz....Priceless. Yes, there are some things money can't buy. for everything else...theres yur mom. ;)

The time has come. The newest turn of the century is upon us. More and more people are overcomed by garbage and gossip and more and more hackers / newbies are overcomed by useful underground information that will take forth a new breed of crackers and phreakers and hackers and digital terrorists upon the new millenium. Many say its the revelations. Many say its the end. But many don't understand that this is only the beginning. Knowledge is power. At least some of it is. You don't need to be a genius to understand how to make black powder or a pipe bomb. You don't need to be a genius to pull a trigger either. But, all these nifty little thingamajiggaroos are useless and pointless without a sense of direction, a sense of creativity, and a sense of knowing when to quit. Every day the werld tries to take away more and more of us. Yet everyday, more and more of us are born. Some even reborn. We are here and we aren't going anywhere as long as the world continues on insisting on technology to do their derty werk. We know alot of yu computer geek fags are getting paid $1500 an hour to give "technical support" for this y2k bullshit...but for $1500 hell...we might as well give yu somethin to keep you busy and try to earn a little bit of that filthy money that yur leeching off of our tax0r d0ll0rs. So with just a little bit of my usual ramblings... i call forth the k-w4d p0w4hz 0f g0d h1ms3lf t0 g1bbm3 th3 str3ng7h th1s h0lid4y s34s0n 4nD h4x0r h4rM1355 w3bs1735 411 0b4 th3 w3r1d.-- acidk|own

and n0w a msg fr0m tHe uNf0rg0ttEn p1mPniGgA kn0wN aSs "vent"...

hey everyone...
this might seem like somewhat of a shock, but it isnt. This is vent, --- former --- Level Seven Co-president... from the Level Seven Crew. As all of you might have found out, or thought over the last few months.... i WAS raided, and yes, there is no more Level Seven Crew. I have had the recent oppertunity to write this notice, along with the defacements of my good friend acidclown... i am using this oppertunity to prnounce the end of Level Seven (L7)... because due to my recent raid, along with the other members... we have quit the hacking scene, due to the many ....MANY problems it has caused in my, and the other members' lives. Level Seven Was raided October 5th, 1999, nearly 4 months now. Since that time, we have gone to court, and been charged with many different things, which i am not going to get into. The way we got raided, doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out... The FBI, notified local police that we resided somewhere in the area we live in, then when the local cops found the defaced ramada inn, and CRAK, a former member of L7 which is still being searched for to kill, (litterally) ratted us out... the local cops notified the FBI, and the local cops called us down thinking we were in trouble for just the Ramada Inn incident. Anywho, Level Seven is DEAD. There will be no more defacements made by us, there will be no more mail answered by us, there will be no more communication along hacked pages by us any longer.. this is the end, along with the new millenium, comes a new life for us, a new time for us to believe in different things, and different issues.... I wish you all a Happy New Year, and a happy life.. i would like to thank acidklown for this oppertunity to speak to the public...and the people who believed in us, and what we did. - vent

happy y2k biTchez...

ArG!! tHe ElEcRtRiciTy wEnt 0ut!

j00 g0tz a flashLigHt???


here it is!!

AHH! no batteries ;(!!!!

i g0t s0me batteries!!!!

wtf? yur takin em outta yur moms vibrator??!??

yea...i dont think its y2k compliant.

  • acidklown: n4rFphPh...wh4tdAya WannA d0 t0niTe x?
  • xhostile: tHe SaMe ThiNg wE d0 eVeRrY niGhT acid.
  • acidklown: wHaCk 0ff t0 g04t pr0n and g3t high?
  • xhostile: No! the other thing.
  • acidklown: 3at ch33tos and j4m witH i.c.p. / twiztid?
  • xhostile: n0 j00 fewl...the other thing.
  • acidklown: g3t drUnk aNd phReaX0r w4lm4rTs fone?
  • xhostile: no! we shall try to take over the werld!!!!!
  • xhostile: muh4h4h4h4h4h4rh4rh4r.
  • acidklown: um...h0w are w3 g0nna..*sn0rt*..d0 d4t xhostile???
  • xhostile: building a transmitter to intercept the sound waves and remotely import them up to the F56Y2K satelite structure that is currently floating over the United States Military's HeadQuarters. Then these sound waves will be transformed into potential energy which will evolve into a massive destruction device which we will then use to blow the world up into small pieces of goat shit.
  • acidklown: uh...n4rf...can't we just..**sn0rt**..deface websites?
  • xhostile: no you idiot. that is lame. wtf does defacing websites have to do with taking over the world???????
  • acidklown: n4rf..erm..g33 xhostile, it m4k3s us l00k l1k3 haX0rs and pPl w1ll pje4r us and th1nK w3 aRe SHUBADUBA-eleet! **shn0rt**
  • acidklown: w3lP...i alS0 huRd tHaT will aRcHiVe j00r haX t00.
  • xhostile: hmmmm, damn acidklown, thats absolutely ingenius!!!!

    muCh k|0wN luV t00...

    verb0, Fuby, opt1k, ytcracker, secto0r, Biofreak, fuqrag, m1crochip/f0rpaxe, bLaCkWinD, rewted, phumpy, zero33, DragonSpyre, Reb, zenomorph, dap, ANALOG, ieet, eqiz, kastr0, IL, Jouser, Tophat, kM, Encrypted Data, Zyklon :(, Silicon Toad, network weakness, Redemption, PhiBeR, tHe Un1X b0w1iNg T34m, b-luv, p4ttr1x, and every script kidd33 from here to mexico.

    if j00 areN't d0wn wit' th3 k|0wn...th3 k|0wn wilL g0 d0wN 0n j00!!!

    Lights out. ;)
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