Errata: Wish List & Support

With the recent discovery of a wide variety of plagiarism in security books, the Attrition Errata project has begun to spend money to enhance our coverage of the issue and continue to expose more charlatans and plagiarists. While most books are cheap in and of themselves, they begin to add up. This page serves as a general call for assistance to the project and information on how you can help.

Ways You Can Help

There are several ways you can help, we're not picky:

The Errata Wish List

The following books are of interest to us. Something in our travels or reading has suggested there may be plagiarism or copyright issues involved. If you wish to donate one of these books, please contact us first to ensure we did not already obtain the book and forget to update this page.


Desired in the following order:

Thank you for your continued support of the Errata Project. This project could not continue without the assistance of several people, including Lyger, CJI, Quine, Cupcake, and Max.

We maintain a public ledger of expenses associated with this project, in the interest of transparency.

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