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With the recent discovery of a wide variety of plagiarism in security books, the Attrition Errata project has begun to spend money to enhance our coverage of the issue and continue to expose more charlatans and plagiarists. While most books are cheap in and of themselves, they begin to add up. This page serves as a public ledger of expenses related to this project.

With us harping about integrity and honesty, we are publishing the ledger as a simple way to maintain transparency behind the financial resources that go into this. On the flip side, we do not keep track of every expenditure related to (e.g., bandwidth, hardware) that is an underlying operational expense. Costs associated with are included, as the web site and mirror of content were the result of a sustained DDoS attack on making the material temporarily unavailable. Any financial donations to and the Errata Project may be used for such expenses or additional books to review. We also cannot guarantee that every single donated cent will go strictly to books, but we do our best.


The following people have generously donated money to cover the purchase of books to be reviewed for plagiarism.

Donation Date Person Message
$25.00 2010-12-29 M.H. (none)
$50.00 2011-01-04 @RobertWinkel (none)
$25.00 2011-03-01 J.S. For errata, and because postal is much better than a night out at the movies.
$10.00 2011-01-03 A.W. Wish I could afford more, really appreciate the effort and time, love and thought that has gone into Attrition.
$15.00 2011-03-10 W.B. (@neverping) Hope this help. Donation from Brazil. =)
$100.00 2011-03-10 Rob / VMyths (@vmyths) (none)
$25.00 2011-03-10 G.S. (none)
$40.00 2011-03-10 B.C. Keep on doing what you do!
$25.00 2011-03-10 @hack_a_kitten (none)
$73.31 2011-03-10 @aloria CHINCHILLAZ 4 LYFE SON <3
$100.00 2011-03-10 C.E. This should allow you to buy a bigger mop to clean up our industry a bit faster. Your dedication and efforts are appreciated.
$75.00 2011-03-11 J.P. (@cykyc) From @cykyc with love
$125.00 2011-03-12 D.C. (none)
$25.00 2011-03-15 E.D. (none)
$50.00 2011-03-19 R.F. (none)
$33.33 2011-04-01 S.C. (none)
$141.00 2011-08-01 "Lazlo" T-Shirt auction (none)
$50.00 2011-08-17 @ChrisJohnRiley Keep up the good work exposing frauds!
$112.50 2011-08-18 Defcon 19 "I Spotted the Charlatan" Badge auction (none)
$30.00 2011-08-26 Anonymous (purchased book on wish list for us)
$50.00 2011-11-29 ziplock Errata donation
$100.00 2012-08-05 G.J. help pay for some books to check for plagiarism. Also, I demand that you purchase at least one bottle of firefly sweet tea vodka.

Total Donated

The following books have been purchased to support the Errata Project, specifically in discovering plagiarism. Note: Price of book is included, S&H is not (even though typically more than the book if used). We make every attempt to purchase low-cost used copies. Some argue that buying supports the author, but we feel that our one purchase may dissuade ten others from buying.

Cost Date Title / Author Donation by
$7.09 2010-10-27 "Network Intrusion Alert", Ankit Fadia jericho
$8.95 2010-10-27 "The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking", Ankit Fadia jericho
$13.38 2011-01-03 "Network Security: A Hacker's Perspective", Ankit Fadia jericho
$4.00 2011-01-03 "Hack Attacks Revealed", John Chirillo jericho
$4.00 2011-01-03 "Hack Attacks Denied", John Chirillo jericho
$16.49 2011-01-03 "Hacking Mobile Phones", Ankit Fadia jericho
$12.71 2011-01-13 "Spyware Reference & Study Guide", Gregory Evans Paypal donations
$10.51 2011-01-13 "Laptop Security Short & Simple", Gregory Evans Paypal donations
$15.07 2011-01-17 "Hi-Tech Hustler Scrap Book", Gregory Evans Paypal donations
$32.99 2011-03-04 "Live Hacking", Ali Jahangiri Paypal donations
$23.32 2011-03-04 "Computer Networking Handbook", Ali Jahangiri Paypal donations
$22.52 2011-03-04 "How To Become The Worlds No. 1 Hacker", Gregory Evans Paypal donations
$9.53 2011-03-05 "125 Ways to Protect Your Personal Computer Short & Simple", Gregory Evans Paypal donations
$22.84 2011-03-23 "E-mail Hacking", Ankit Fadia Paypal donations
$8.00 2011-08-20 "Intrusion Alert An Ethical Hacking Guide to Intrusion Detection", Ankit Fadia Paypal donations
$10.00 2011-08-20 "An Ethical Hacking Guide to Corporate Security", Ankit Fadia Paypal donations
$7.00 2011-08-20 "Even You Can Hack! Windows Hacking Learn Windows Hacking the Easy Way", Ankit Fadia Paypal donations
$12.00 2011-08-20 "Software Hacking", Ankit Fadia, Nishant Das Patnaik Paypal donations
$9.00 2011-08-20 "Encryption Protecting Your Data", Ankit Fadia, Jaya Bhattacharjee Paypal donations
$9.00 2011-08-20 "Cracking Admissions in Colleges Abroad", Aditya Singh, Ankit Fadia Paypal donations
$10.00 2011-08-20 "System Forensics", Ankit Fadia, Boonlia Prince Komal Paypal donations
$6.00 2011-08-20 "Anatomy of Computer Viruses", Sahil Khan Paypal donations
$26.25 2011-08-27 Florida Court Records re: Barry Schlossberg Paypal donations
$58.50 2011-09-01 Florida Court Records re: Barry Schlossberg Paypal donations
$26.40 2011-10-23 "The Cloud Security Rules" by Lakhoua et al Paypal donations
$32.97 2011-11-30 "Tricks of Email Hacking" by Sahil Khan Peter Van Eeckhoutte
$32.09 2011-12-01 "Disaster Recovery" by EC-Council jericho
$15.93 2011-12-04 "Vulnerability Analysis and Defense for the Internet (Advances in Information Security)" by Abhishek Singh et al jericho
$7.60 2012-01-01 "The IT Regulatory and Standards Compliance Handbook: ..." by Craigh Wright jericho
$4.17 2012-01-16 "LTE Advanced: High-impact Technology - What You Need to Know ..." by Kevin Roebuck jericho
$5.36 2012-01-16 "Wireless Safety" by EC-Council jericho
$9.28 2012-01-16 "Object-relational Mapping (ORM): High-impact Strategies - What You Need to Know..." by Kevin Roebuck jericho
$0.14 2012-01-16 "Customer Relationship Management" by EC-Council jericho
$3.05 2012-01-16 "Network Safety (Network 5)" by EC-Council jericho
$26.17 2012-08-31 "Reverse Deception: Organized Cyber Threat Counter-Exploitation" by Bodmer et al jericho
$20.00 2013-02-01 "The Unrevealed Secrets of Hacking and Cracking" by Prateek Shukla & Navneet Mehra jericho

Total Book Expenditure

Other expenditures directly related to the Errata Project.

Cost Date Expenditure Details
$1,100 2011-03-01 Gregory D. Evans / LIGATT vs John Doe x8 Gregory D. Evans Files Suit Against (and 7 others). Legal defense, initial hearing.
$122 2011-11-23 domain registration & one year of hosting Done as a result of a sustained DDoS attack against web server

Total Other Expenditures

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