John Thomas Draper a.k.a. Captain Crunch

John Thomas Draper (born March 11, 1943), also known as Captain Crunch, Crunch, Crunchman, or @jdcrunchman on Twitter, is noted for his historical activity related to telephone systems and phreaking, a reputation that he allegedly used while enticing victims. However, the past two decades or more have carried a different reputation, one that has long been considered an 'open secret' in the Information Security community; his predilection for much younger males. While the stories have been floating around for that long, there were essentially no victims who would go on the record for varying reasons, until November 2017. Three days after the first allegations were published, The Daily Dot covered Draper's reply in which he both denies the allegations while admitting that he "might have had an erection" during the workouts. As of 2017-12-08, according to the New York Post, there are at least nine victims who have come forward.

Draper's status as a hero or legend in the phreaking community are often over-stated and untrue. One of the most common examples is that for years it has been reported that he is the first to discover that a toy whistle in Cap'n Crunch cereal could be used to hack phone lines in the '60s and '70s. This and other bits that are stated as fact about him and his history are either factually incorrect or questionable at best. Additionally, we have compiled a list of Draper's arrests and case dispositions.

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