The following discussion details a computer security consultant (Carole Fennelly) 
sending in a comment about errata in a Computer Reseller News (a CMP publication) 
article. When one of the authors (John Yacano) of the article sends a quick response 
and when called on the carpet by the consultant, chooses to be rude instead of admitting

At no point has Carole Fennelly received an e-mail from either CRN or CMP apologizing 
for Yacano's conduct. Not only do they get things wrong, but they don't appear to
be able to concede when they do.

SunWorld Columnist and Computer Security Consultant 
Carole Fennelly sends the article authors a comment

CRN Test Center Labs Director John Yacano sends 
a quick response

CRN Test Center Labs Director John Yacano responds 
to rain.forest.puppy's commentary on CRN article in advisory

Fennelly responds to Yacano's quick response to her 
and points out some missed facts.

Yacano chooses to respond to Fennelly's rather pointed
method of raising issues by insulting and patronizing her.

Fennelly steers the conversation back to the topic at 

Yacano sends a joint response to Fennelly and rfp but 
doesn't realize that they are already well acquainted.

rfp sends an assessment of the whole situation calling 
CRN and Yacano on the carpet for errata in the article and for his unprofessional 
attitude towards Fennelly

Yacano sends a one-line response stating that this should
 be discussed with the CRN Editor.

CRN Editor Elliot Markowitz sends a two-line response 
stating the lack of professionalism should not be discussed over e-mail.

rfp responds to Markowitz

CRN Editor offers to post something as a "Letter to the 
Editor" but does not address the unprofessional conduct by Yacano

rfp sends a "Letter to the Editor" and Errata

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