Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 10:29:50 -0500 (CDT)
From: rain forest puppy 
Subject: Re: IIS Security Hole (CRN is unprofessional)
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> Any questions regarding the professionalism of anyone at CRN should not be
> discussed over email.

The main topic of focus is dual: a poorly written article that seems to
use only other media pieces and Usenet postings as sources, and the
unprofessional response from John Yacono.

If Carole wishes to call you in regards to John's response, then so be it.
I'll let her decide, as she was the one directly affected.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to call, as my schedule is quite
unruly today.  In any event, I presume this to be my last email on the
subject, unless conversation can continue to happen over email, which
allows me to compose responses at my leisure, time permitting.  And I
don't believe I need to call for what would otherwise be 'Reader 
Feedback' on an incorrect article.

- rain forest puppy