Vaidehi Sachin aka Cattechie

Vaidehi Sachin is a lawyer turned journalist turned "hacker" living in Mumbai, India. Author of one "technical" book and editor of Hacker5 magazine, which is claimed to be India's first hacker magazine. Despite a brief career in law, and despite several years as a journalist, Sachin has no concept of professional integrity. Rather than write her own material, she typically plagiarizes content or re-prints entire articles without attribution, violating copyright.

After the plagiarism in her book was exposed and she blamed it on her co-researcher, we asked her via e-mail "will you go on record saying that you do not plagiarize, and that any of *your* works do NOT contain plagiarized material?" She replied that 80% of her work is an "extension of rewrite of other content". Forgoing the obvious question about the other 20%, an analysis of her publications from other sources shows a 5 - 10% rate of original work, and ~ 90% plagiarism or copied work in violation of the original content.

- "Cy83r Terror" Book ~ 90% Plagiarized

- Vaidehi Sachin / Cattechie - Blog Content Plagiarism

- Hacker5 Magazine Plagiarism

- Sachin Claims Hacker5 Magazine is India's First Hacker Magazine

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