favicon.ico for morons

many people ask us what v00d00 magic we used to make their browser add a custom icon to their bookmark for our site. this is done by using a "favicon.ico" file that is read from our server and associated with the bookmark.

Step One: Using a graphic editor that can save in .ico format, make a 16 x 16 pixel icon to represent your web site. If you suck, get a freebie icon from one of the scads of web sites out there with free icons. If you REALLY suck, perhaps making web sites, much less favicon.ico files, isn't really your bag. Try tying flies instead. Much more rewarding.

Step Two: Take your freshly squeezed favicon.ico and put it in the same directory as your page that you want to show the nifty bookmark. What, you say?! It HAS to be in the same directory? YES. It does. If you are moaning about the idea of shoving favicon.ico into every directory on your web server, perhaps you should consider the alternative, which is to add the following code to every single web page:

<link rel="SHORTCUT ICON" href="http://www.mydomain.com/favicon.ico">

Of course you need to replace www.mydomain.com with YOUR domain, but if you don't suck you would have figured that out. If you actually had to be reminded, this means you should consider making lopsided ceramic ashtrays in a therapeutic art class instead of writing HTML.

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