( is a computer security web site dedicated to the collection, dissemination and distribution of information about the security industry for anyone interested in the subject. They maintain one of the only open and honest grim look at the industry, reminding everyone that we must strive to be better than we have been historically. The crusade to expose industry frauds and inform the public about incorrect information in computer security articles is a primary goal of the site.

Previously, maintained the largest catalogs of security advisories, text files, and humorous image galleries. They are also known for maintaining the largest mirror of Web site defacements and the creation of the Data Loss Database (Open Source), which eventually became DatalossDB (

ATTRITION: What is Attrition

ATTRITION: 'why' page. Answers to various "why.." questions. pages are best viewed using Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Lynx. We do not use java, frames or any other slinky and sultry Web 2.0 crap here, but we may use it elsewhere in that mythical "cloud" thingy. It took two years to break down and stop using "pre" tags, and another year after that to finally adopt cascading style sheets. These pages have been designed (hah) for a standard eighty column screen as much as possible. If you are on a laptop or a using a reduced window to browse the web, these pages may be fugly. Deal with it. Content > Aesthetics. is a privately owned and operated system. The only service provided to the public is HTTP (that's the web thingy). POP and FTP services are NOT provided to anyone. SMTP does not allow any form of mail relaying, so any instance of 'attrition' in mail headers in spam you receive is forged.

Attrition is not the bastion of security. We have been defaced a couple of times by other people .. and ourselves.

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web problems or broken links: webmaster[at] may use language or ideas that are unsuitable to you. staff, system and respective pets are NOT upbeat people. Deal.

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