An archive of various times the main page was changed. This includes by staff as well as external parties for recreational fun.

01-07-28: Fluffy Bunny defaces our page

If you are going to be defaced, just hope it is by someone with a good sense of humor and creativity. Kudos to Fluffy Bunny.

02-10-09: .. merger with Symantec Corporation (Hoax)

After a hardware failure, the system was down for several days. During this time, rumors began to run rampant and speculation as to the downtime got outlandish. To welcome the box back to the internet, we created this hoax. Highlight the hidden text at the bottom for more details.

03-07-03: I panicked over the Defacement Challenge scare.. (Hoax)

The New York Department of Cyber-Security released a bulletin warning everyone of a "hacker defacement challenge" which promised to see thousands and millions of web defacements that may be the end of the net as we know it, oh gnoez! Ok not really, and several sites including created this defacement to bring some sanity to the FUD filled advisory.

03-07-10: PHC defaces our page

Again, least we got hit by folks with talent =)

04-08-26: I panicked over reports that terrorists.. (Hoax)

Aleksander Gostev of Kaspersky warned that terrorists were going to destroy the internet and that cyber-terrorism would rear its ugly head and shower us with outages and bad things! Some went so far to call it an "Electronic Jihad". We thought differently, and like before, and half a dozen other sites defaced our own pages to get the message out.

05-04-01: Six Information Security Luminaries Receive CISSP Certification (Hoax)

A standard April Fools joke poking fun of ISC2 and the CISSP certification. This was posted on half a dozen sites including, who also hosted the cissp.txt file originally. This drew a legal threat from ISC2 who demonstrated that their lawyers don't know how e-mail works, saying the list (which contains no email addresses) was criminal and that we 'harvested the list from their site to send spam' in so many words. Retards.


In 2006, a day before April 1, we partnered with Rob over at VMyths to announce that we had formed a new public-interest firm including our BULL project, to enhance the DHS Secure Homeland Information Transfer network.

07-08-01: When the cats are away, the mice will play (Hoax)

Full write-up and explanation by that D2D character.

21-04-1: Baidu Acquires Attrition (Hoax)

For April 1st, 2021, in the spirit of DEF CON taking corporate sponsorship for two years in a row, we followed suit. The DEF CON China events in 2020 and 2021 were fully sponsored by Baidu, which is quite the break from having no such sponsorship for DEF CON US for almost 30 years. Check the HTML source for some fun along with a breakdown of the fun at the very end.

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