Past Pigs

Some of our pigs have chosen to leave us. Fortunately, they do so without pain or suffering, and on a full stomach of fresh vegetables.

snickers Snickers (originally Snickers / A156576) was a female Abyssinian adopted from the Boulder Valley Humane Society around August 18, 2007. Approximately four years old, she had serious hair loss and complications due to a life of poor nutrition. Our first guinea pig and a gateway to many other gpig adoptions. Despite being hesitant on adopting, and having serious concerns about her health, we took Snickers in since she was an older pig with health problems, a bad combination for guinea pigs in a shelter. There is a more thorough back story, update and final notes. She began a new tradition of rescuing guinea pigs. [Pictures]

pringle Pringle (originally Cerra / A253868) is a female American shorthair adopted from the Larimer Humane Society on March 9, 2008. Estimated to be around 4 years old, she was picked up and found to be extremely skinny (660 grams). She was surrendered to the shelter with no history other than "good with kids". Based on her weight and appetite the first night, we'd guess she was not given hay or veggies very often. Once home, she took to most veggies instantly and slept by the hay bowl half of the night. By the next day she was energetic, standing on her rear feet wheeking happily for veggies and sleeping all over the cage. Better, she was already up to 730 grams. Her first vet appointment confirmed that she had mammary tumors which were removed succesfully during surgery with a very fast recovery. Since the surgery, she has proven she is the perfect gpig in temperament and how gpigs can recover from the worst of environments. -- Pringle passed on April 15, 2009 due to masses on several internal organs. She was also experiencing very minor weight loss and potentially had neurological issues (serious spasms when she slept sometimes). She went peacefully in her sleep, head on a pillow. [Pictures]

juineapig Juineapig (originally Ginny / A419947) is a female Abyssinian adopted from the Denver Dumb Friends League on December 29, 2007. When we went in, she was described as "problematic" and it took over 30 minutes for the staff to catch her because "she bites". Given up for adoption for "recently starting to bite", despite being almost two years old, once securely held she seemed to do fine. Due to her behavior, the DDFL had decided to pull her adoption information down and were going to declare her unsuitable for adoption. Once we gave the rundown of our current herd and ability to properly take care of her, they agreed that we could provide a good home for her. In the months after adoption, the only time she would bite is if she felt directly threatened and even then, only warning nips. It was immediately clear that her previous owners had not given her any veggies as it took several months to get her eating a wide variety. Since adoption, she has been nothing but a sweet pig and clearly not a biter. -- Juineapig passed on May 20, 2009 due to many internal complications including cancerous tumor, kidney issues, bladder stone, GI obstruction and more. Her last two days were not happy, but she fought as best she could. [Pictures]

figlet Figlet (originally Willow / A762196) is a female Abyssinian (likely with a peruvian mix) adopted from the Humane Society of the Pike's Peak Region on June 20, 2008. Originally down there to adopt another 'female', we found two large males with health problems. Despite correcting the shelter on the gender of the pigs, they didn't appear to care or update the web page. Figlet was in a large cage by herself (good), but with half of it covered in water-soaked litter and no water in her bottle. Almost unable to hold her, we managed to get her in the carrier and bring her to the pig mansion. She integrated into the herd within hours (after quarantine) and is doing great. Clearly younger than advertised, Figlet is the most energetic and spastic pig we've had. Even six months later, she is almost impossible to hold for more than a few seconds as she tries to escape and find her own footing. Fearless doesn't begin to describe her. -- Figlet passed on Oct 15, 2009 due to complications during surgery to remove a mass causing Hyperthyroidism. A full write-up of diagnosing and treating her was created to share information about this rare condition in pigs. [Pictures]

nugget Nugget (originaly Nibbles) is a female American Shorthair adopted from the Denver Dumb Friends League on November 2, 2007. They believed her to be about four years old but we suspected she may be a bit younger. She is a short hair guinea pig (our first) with a great personality and strong love for hay and veggies. The DDFL said she was "surrendered because the previous owners couldn't afford to maintain her" which is sad, as a gpig is relatively cheap to house and feed. Nugget is our most mellow guinea pig and frequently ends up being a vet buddy when one of the other pigs needs to see the doc. -- Nugget passed on Oct 31, 2010 from natural causes. She was a senior piggy and lived a glorious three years with me. [Pictures]

zesty Zesty (A089150) is a female Abyssinian adopted from the Denver Municipal Animal Shelter on September 7, 2007, one of three guinea pigs brought in that were apparently found near an auto repair shop, left to fend for themselves. The only female of the bunch, she was described by the staff as an 'escape artist' and estimated to be approximately one year old. We feared she was pregnant due to being housed with the two males she was found with. We soon learned that she was an escape artist but fortunately not pregnant. The queen of the herd, Zesty is the most feisty guinea pig we have. -- Zesty passed on June 3, 2012 from natural causes. Based on her life history, she lived a long time. Queen of the herd, she truly owned the pig mansion. [Pictures]

biscuit Biscuit is a female Abyssinian adopted the same day as Zesty to provide companionship to the feisty beast. Oh, and she was ridiculously cute and mangled. Our third guinea pig and first baby, adopted at only 5 weeks old, Biscuit knows no fear since she grew up in a happy home full of daily vegetable platters, endless hay and a huge play pen to run around in. Hands down the most tranquil pig, she has known no hardship in her life like the rest have. -- Biscuit passed on September 28, 2012. Sweetest of the herd, she lived a wonderful life. [Pictures]

waffle Waffle is a female Abyssinian personal adoption taken in on November 16, 2007. Hands down the most distinct color we have seen, a great blend of white, grey and black, giving a 'peppered' appearance. Her black feet are also quite distinct and make her stand out in the herd. Approximately five weeks old when adopted, she seems to live for fresh hay more than anything else. When she isn't bouncing around her home she is laying in one of the hay lofts for easy access to her precious. [Pictures]

tater Tater is a female Peruvian Abyssinian Silky (mangle-poof) personal adoption taken in on April 11, 2008. The runt of a five-pig litter, she was taken from a family that had pigs living in poor conditions and mostly neglected as they "didn't have time for them any more". If left in those conditions, she certainly would have been housed with mom, dad and any brothers in her litter leading to a very early pregnancy. Said to be four weeks old, we believe she was much closer to two weeks old when we got her. It only took her a few days to become extremely lively, eat any veggie she was given and develop a great personality. She is currently living with the herd and integrated faster than any other pig has. She now receives monthly hair cuts as her coat is too long and bulky. While she whines during the trimming, she becomes considerably more energetic and seems much happier afterwards. [Pictures]

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