Snickers is also the start of a tradition. On September 8, 2007, we adopted a new gpig from the Denver Animal Control. She was one of three brought in, apparently all set loose as a way to get rid of them. Since the Denver AC is not a real shelter, they don't focus on adopting them out and they don't keep them in good condition. The poor pig was alone in a metal cage; without hay, food, or toys, just a couple sheets of newspaper. She had about a week at most before they were going to put her down if no one came to claim her, like they do with all the strays brought to them.

We were told she was found outside a car repair shop, surviving in the wilds of Denver. Given her backstory and feisty nature, we called her Zesty. Within days of bringing her home, we had immediate concerns of her being pregnant. X-rays confirmed she was not pregnant and did not appear to have any tumors or cysts, she was just 'well fed' (read: fatso).

The day after adopting Zesty, the shelter called Kay to see if she wanted to adopt another that was just brought in that day. The new one was a female too, but only 5 or so weeks old. We figured it was best that Zesty had a companion as she seemed to be making noises suggesting she was missing companions. Together, they will terrorize Uptown Denver.

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