Earlier today, Snickers moved on to the happy land of the eternal guinea pig. Due to complications from her ovarian cysts/tumors, she stopped eating shortly after I left for Sacramento. squido took her to the vet for x-rays and it was immediately clear that her internal system was a mess and it was a matter of days, maybe weeks before it would end painfully. since we got her, she had also dropped in weight from 2+ pounds to a bit over 1 pound, despite eating a lot of vegetables and hay.

after a long night of running through the living room, enjoying cucumbers/blackberries/raspberries, she went back to the vet today to move on. it was a tough decision and i hate the fact i couldn't be there. i desperately wanted to see her again but making her wait a week would just subject her to a world of pain and that wasn't going to happen. the first shot that put her to sleep was all it took, another clear sign that she was in complete renal/liver failure.

she seemed very lively (for her) and happy all things considered. as much as it hurt, it was better that she moved on now while happy rather than in a day or three when the pain would have been unbearable. we wished she would be in our lives for years, but it was simply too late by the time we adopted her. her month with us was glorious and she was definitely as happy as she could be in that time.

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