I currently have two boys; Speedbump and Badger. In 2008, I lost Roadblock due to health complications (and his desire to return to the mother ship) and Snowcrash due to living conditions (he was miserable and needed to be an only cat). I briefly had Toad, adopted from friends who needed someone to take care of him. Toad was a senior kitty rescued from a shelter and lived out the rest of his life quite happy.

No, Speedbump is not a cruel joke. He is an indoor cat and got his name before he was even adopted. Roadblock was adopted out of a dark garage, where he was six weeks old and severely malnourished (don't worry, he recovered well.. read: fatso). Snowcrash was adopted from my vet's office back in Denver and was deemed "very skittish". I was the second to adopt him.. as he bolted and got away from his first adopter. Badger belonged to an ex-GF who was away from home too much, so she brought badger to be with my cats. When we split up, she couldn't bear to take Badger away as he had bonded with Speedbump.

As best I can tell, Speedbump is a cross between a Ragdoll and a Korat. I say this based on his tendancy to go completely limp when being held by someone he likes, and the characteristics of a Korat, especially their tendancy to get attached to their owner. Snowcrash seems to be a regular Russian Blue. Until recently, I thought Roadblock was a mutt so to speak, but learned that he is actually very likely to be a tabby, despite the alien looks and wide body. Badger is almost certainly part bengal; his movements and mannerisms are considerably more akin to cats you see in a zoo, not a house.


-- The STRAW phenomenon.

-- The CHERRY incident.





-- Roadblock and Speedbump fight. (02-06-26)


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