cats : speedbump


Speedbump. The most pliable cat.. we're fairly sure he is part ragdoll. He will completely relax when comfortable, and drape over arms or laps like a towel.

01-02-04 speedbump

One of his fits of nudging.

01-02-15 bump

Speedbump is in the never ending search for fresher water.

01-04-26 bump-flower01

01-07-03 speedbump spread eagle

Bump trusts me completely. I can actually hold him above my head like this and more. He will arch his back completely, while 8 feet off the ground. Still trying to find pics of that.

01-07-17 bump bag

01-09-01 munge bump

01-10-09 bump box01

Boxes.. any kind, any size.. he will seek them out and hop in.

02-01-23 bump-monster-RAAAR

Perhaps the best picture of Bump in his old age =) He looks like a monster from an old Godzilla movie.

02-02-19 bump sun01

02-02-20 bump1

Interested in the camera..

02-02-20 bump2

Managed to get the lion's roar in one shot..

02-02-20 bump3

Bump is his usual photogenic self.

02-02-20 bump5

Vulture Bump

02-03-28 brian-bump

02-04-06 bump02

02-04-27 flower-bump03

When I brought the flower, both Crash and Bump seemed to like it. Once he got a better look, Bump almost tore up my hand trying to make it a snack.

02-04-27 flower-bump05

02-05-08 bump05

02-07-18 bump01

Not only does he just rest on my arm, Speedbump will sometimes fall completely asleep. This makes typing a bit awkward (read: painful).

02-11-10 yawn


03-11-20 bump back

95-bump mail

Gotta love a cat that digs Sendmail


20th Century Cult Hero


My first son: SpeedBump

99-07-25 speedbump




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