While we still get our share of horse shit via email, spam filters have gotten much better, and most of these millennials seem glued to social media. That made for years of boring mails that were rehashes of the same crap you read years ago. We've upped our game, so up yours.

But fear not, you dirty slimy social whoring heathens! While these young shits are on our lawn and ignoring email, their laziness makes Twitter an ideal habitat for our belligerent asses. With that... we bring you Twit Postal.

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Episode II : Barney, Friends, Disorders & Disease

#020 - Sinfvll's Engineer Won Big

#019 - Rashpalsandhu Needs a Larry

#018 - Ariel C Gives it Up Easy

#017 - Iovatoroses Deals with Narcolepsy

#016 - Ashwin Stuffs One

#015 - FineseIena Is Simply The Best

#014 - Malektrades Shan't Be Timeless

#013 - Zustiner Bell Savior

#012 - Anonymos Romance

#011 - Phlexes Cheating Husband

Episode I : Justice Trimmed Her Toenails

#010 - Bussard Ramjet Meets Hateful Eight

#009 - Larry's Got a Nephew

#008 - Huck Is Free

#007 - Sun Tzu

#006 - No Downward Dog

#005 - The Lyger Interlude

#004 - Cold Feet

#003 - Going Mr. Miyagi

#002 - Save the Chickens!

#001 - Feral Ferrets aren't worth saving for Semidjh.

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