[VIM] PHPSaTK remote file inclusion - CVE dispute

Heinbockel, Bill heinbockel at mitre.org
Tue Sep 26 17:15:07 EDT 2006

Researcher: Root3r_H3ll

BUGTRAQ:20060924 phpstak <= Remote File Include Vulnerability

The researcher states that the following code in loader.php in
PHPSaTk is vulnerable to PHP remote file inclusion:
>>  require $GLOBALS 'config'
With the exploit: [url]/[path]/loader.php?GLOBALS=Sh3ll
[Ignoring the fact that you can't overwrite the GLOBALS array,
only the indices/values within...]

Looking at the PHPSaTk Sourceforge site:

In sat-beta1 - phpsatk-beta1.zip: the only require statement
in loader.php is on line 67:
>>  require $GLOBALS['config']->appdir . $GLOBALS['appname'] .
However, on line 25:
>>  $GLOBALS['config'] = new Config('configs/global.conf','ini');

So, in order to exploit this, the attacker would need to modify the
configs/global.conf file. The $GLOBALS['appname'] may be vulnerable
to directory traversal attacks, however any attack vectors are not
immediately obvious upon source code inspection.

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