[VIM] Kietu 3.2 - Local file inclusion

Heinbockel, Bill heinbockel at mitre.org
Tue Sep 26 13:14:02 EDT 2006

As posted on BUGTRAQ on 20060923 "Local File Inclusion : Kietu"

The researcher states that there is a local file inclusion
(directory traversal) with the url_hit parameter in hit.php. The issue
is supposedly on line 2 of hit.php, which should read:
>>   include_once $url_hit.'class/kdetect.class.php';

No version information was provided.
I downloaded the latest release, 3.2, from the vendor's website and
did not discover the previous line in use. However, in 3.2, the
url_hit parameter in hit.php is still vulnerable.

line 40:
>> if (isset($url_hit)&$url_hit!='') {$kietu['url_hit']=$url_hit;} else

lines 59-66:
>> if (file_exists($kietu['url_hit'].'config.php'))
>> {
>>   require ($kietu['url_hit'].'config.php');
>> }
>> if (file_exists($kietu['url_hit'].'define/moteur.php'))
>> {
>>   require ($kietu['url_hit'].'define/moteur.php');
>> }

Since the require calls are enclosed in file_exists conditionals, files
can only be included locally (via traversal or absolute paths) or 
remotely (via FTP, FTPS URIs).

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