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This was just posted to ContinentalOnline.Org by Niles Dally.  Again, I am not familiar with the specific details of the situation in question, however, in fairness, I am reposting the official response to the O'Rourke statement from this past Friday.  I will let others debate the merits and the "he-said/he-said" aspects of this situation if they so choose, but I will not repost such discussions here.  Point as been made; counterpoint has been provided.  Moving on now.


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FROM:  Niles P. Dally ‘63 
Member and Former Chairman AABOD
Member BOT

The record needs to be set straight regarding Mr. O’Rourke’s recent statements. Yes, Mr. O’Rourke did receive a PNG letter several years ago from Tony McGeorge. This year, the AABOD has been reviewing this PNG and contacted Mr. O’Rourke prior to homecoming to discuss removal of his PNG status. Mr. O’Rourke was given permission to attend all events on campus during homecoming and was asked to meet with Bill Floyd, Col Doyle, Gene Banco and myself to discuss the final removal on his PNG. He declined this meeting twice as he was busy with his class reunion event at the time. Unfortunately, we were unable to reschedule a meeting before he left to return home. Mr. O’Rourke’s impatience with the process has lead to his recent comments and actions. 

The AABOD has done nothing but work in the best interest of the Institution and the Alumni to remove the PNG status that of a number of its Alumni hold.

Regardless, the AABOD continued to move forward in removing his status. Recently I was made aware of a recent action that Mr. O’Rourke made that jeopardized VFMAC relationship with a major donor. 

On July 8th, 2010, I telephoned Mr. O’Rourke to discuss this in hopes that I could get him to apologize to the donor for his actions. While he confirmed his actions with the donor he dismissed the idea that his actions put the relationship in jeopardy even after I assured him that it had. Mr. O’Rourke then surprised me by stating that he did not wish to communicate or work with anyone at Valley Forge and that he wanted to remain on PNG status. I stated that if that was his intention and desire then that was his choice and that the leadership of the AABOD would terminate the process of removing him from PNG status. 

Let me clearly state. No new lifetime PNG has been issued against Mr. O’Rourke. The AABOD has bent over backwards to remove his PNG status without any assistance from Mr. O’Rourke. Mr. O’Rourke’s recent actions have caused serious strain in the relationship between a major donor and the Institution. Mr. O’Rourke is upset because he was told that he did something wrong and apparently if he doesn’t agree with someone then that person becomes in Mr. O’Rourke’s words “irresponsible, immature, not trustworthy or honorable, and a vindictive thug”.

Mr. O’Rourke is a clear example of an individual who takes his personal desires and feelings above everyone else. His actions have jeopardized the very institution that he professes to love and when offered an olive branch fires back with arrows.

We all need to understand that the Alumni of VFMAC are not all Saints. Our Alumni is composed of those who are positive in their efforts and concerns for Valley Forge and those who are negative in their efforts. Valley Forge is at a crossroads. There have been more changes made in the last eight months than in the last thirty five years. Valley Forges problems are not entirely the result of the last administration, but a gradual slide over the last thirty five years and the administration and the AABOD are working hard to identify problems and solve them.

The AABOD encourages Alumni for their support and ideas; however it is not practical for individual Alumni or small Alumni groups to act out on their own for what they believe to be good for Valley Forge, this has prompted chaos and in most cases proved to be detrimental. Furthermore, actions such as that of Mr. O’Rourke contacting a major donor and sending threatening and demeaning messages to that individual place the institution in jeopardy. 

This type action on the part of Alumni is not acceptable nor will it be tolerated.

Niles P. Dally ‘63 
Member and Former Chairman AABOD
Member BOT
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