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Apparently there is renewed interest by the school in using PNG ("Persona non Grata") notices against members of the Alumni community.  For those who may not know, the PNG notice generally bans Alumni from post and attending formal Alumni events wherever they may be held.  However I am not aware of any specific policy of the school outlining the conditions that such letters are issued or what their stipulations may be.

Please note: I do not know the details of the situation between Mike and the Administration regarding his PNG notice.  However, Mike's note (shown below) confirms that the practice/desire of the school to declare an Alumnus PNG did not depart the Forge along with Tony McGeorge, contrary to what people might think.

It gives me no pleasure to pass Mike's note along to the Sticklist.  Whether you agree with his comments or not, his note represents a broader situation that the Alumni community needs to be aware of -- namely, the return of PNG notices.

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To All Alumni On This List:

Many of you know that Tony McGeorge indiscriminately placed numerous alumni on a alumnus "Persona Non-Grata" status approximately 4 years ago, including me. The accusations made by McGeorge against me were false. None the less, our alma mater and the Alumni Association has seen fit to uphold the PNG status against me even after the McGeorge administration no longer existed and after the alumni were led to believe that the BOD wished to bring about a unification between the school and the alumni body.

Now, I have been singled out with additional accusations and blamed by the Alumni Association of further "harm to the future of the school" resulting in a lifetime PNG status as a former alumnus. 

I will always be grateful for my experiences as a cadet and the many friends I have made during my association with the school as a cadet and as an alumnus but find I can no longer accept or endorse the irresponsible and immature decision making arising from the present Alumni Association without speaking out against the school as well as against it's alumni association. The AA endorses the school's decision to exclude alumni from their ranks by awarding PNG status to it's alumni solely on whether or not blind compliance to the administration's policies occur without criticism. The AABOD also endorses the school's recourse to seek legal action and law suits made against alumni who publically disagree with the administration. I can not nor will I participate in an alumni association which not only agrees with it's institution's suing of it's own alumni but approves of such underhanded tactics. (What kind of school sues it's own alumni?)

I have and continue to volunteer my personal time and effort to maintain contact with those alumni on this list as well as contribute in organizing our 5 year Homecoming events, not to be loyal to VF or to the AABOD, but to foster a close relationship and friendship among our many classmates and friends who either have never returned for a reunion or to those who do return every 5 years.

However, the most recent actions of the Alumni Association has now permitted me to make a clean break from all associations in the future with such an irresponsible, blaming and punitive alumni governing body such as what our current AA has become. The direction of Valley Forge itself seems to be headed in the correct and proper direction with the hiring of it's new president who brings valuable military experience to the institution but with such corrupt leadership within the Alumni Association, I could not advise any alumnus trusting anything which originates from a group of vindictive thugs such as those who now comprise the VFMAC AABOD.

Please do consider that supporting VF's future as well as furthering friendships within our own classmates is much different than participating in the endorsement of the corrupt policies of the current VF Alumni Association. My last warning to all of you is to beware of the motivations and promises made by the AABOD. They are not a trustworthy or honorable group.

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