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Relayed from Susan Rapp:

"For the past several years, Ronald E. Tschiegg ’52 has meticulously  
researched, organized and written a history of Valley Forge Military  
Academy and College.  Drawing on a variety of sources, including  
written documents and interviews with numerous alumni and former  
staff, Mr. Tschiegg has created a comprehensive look at the evolution  
of Valley Forge from its earliest days in Devon through its growth  
over the years.

Tschiegg paints a vivid portrait of the individuals who most  
influenced Valley Forge over the years.  The genius of Milton G.  
Baker, the grace and support of May H. Baker, the strength and moral  
character of Milton M. Medenbach, and many others shaped the  
institution and created a legacy that few can ever hope to imitate.

Over the past year, Mr. Tschiegg has turned his time and effort to  
adding a chapter in his manuscript devoted to one of Valley Forge’s  
most illustrious sons, Eric Fisher Wood, Jr.  Eric Wood was, by all  
accounts, a cadet who achieved much during his tenure.  However, it  
was the incomparable courage and sacrifice during World War II by Army  
Second Lieutenant Wood that will best be remembered not only by his  
descendants and Valley Forge brothers, but also by a grateful Belgian  
nation.  Drawing on a variety of books by military historians as well  
as magazine articles from the 1940s and personal documents provided by  
members of the Wood family, Ronald Tschiegg provides a riveting story  
of the audacity and heroism of Eric Fisher Wood, Jr. against  
impossible odds.

Beginning on Friday, October 23, the article will be posted in 6  
weekly installments on ContinentalOnLine (www.continentalonline.org)  
under The Library forum (sub-forum History).  You are cordially  
invited to sign in to the website (registration for membership is  
required) and read this fascinating account of a true hero."


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